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Four iconic brands that reinvented themselves

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Old Spice

Today, Old Spice is the largest brand in its category, with a 28-point share of the market as of November 2015, according to Nielsen xAOC.

Old Spice has continued the momentum by adding more spokesmen with outrageous personalities including Terry Crews and Will Ferrell. Most people remember Isaiah Mustafa, who was featured in the 2010 "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" ads.

The current campaign, "Make a Smellmitment," has been viewed more than 31 million times on YouTube since it debuted in August. The brand currently has upward of 500 million YouTube subscribers.

"Guys often only think about deodorant when they need it," P&G's Brace said. "What that means for Old Spice is that the competition isn't just other deodorant brands, it's everything out there that can command a guy's attention, from YouTube clips to video games to mobile apps. ... We've built a reputation for creating engaging and entertaining content that is celebrated and shared. This has helped us build one of the most loyal fan bases in the category."

Gabriel Olsen | FilmMagic