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Four iconic brands that reinvented themselves

Yellow Pages

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Most people remember flipping through the Yellow Pages to find a phone number. Today, millennials search for what they need on their mobile phones.

To restart the conversation, the company changed its name to "YP" in 2013.

"We needed to change the name to reflect that how we do it is different to reflect the changing times," said Allison Checchi, YP's chief marketing officer. "The name reflects the underlying transition of keeping who we are but embracing now."

The company honed in on grassroots efforts through local sponsorships and events to spread the word that it could help businesses find customers on and offline. It also created digital videos with spokespeople like ESPN anchor Hannah Storm and former E! News anchor and reality TV show stars Giuliana and Bill Rancic talking about their favorite local businesses.

"We took a different business-to-business tactic," said Checchi. "We thought, 'How do you take a brand that has an association with the Yellow Pages, but prove that you're different?'"

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