Diet Doc's Calorie Loading Medical Weight Loss Programs Enable their Patients to Enjoy Holiday Foods While Jump Starting the Metabolism for Safe and Extreme Weight Loss

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the New Year quickly approaching, many people are setting their goals for a healthier 2016 by losing excess fat that has accumulated throughout the year. Many are noticing excess fat in the belly, hips, underarms, thighs and buttocks – the areas of the body that are easiest to gain and the most difficult to lose. But, because Phase I of Diet Doc's calorie loading diet plans is designed to prepare the body for extreme weight loss, it allows their patients to load up on all of the fattening, high carb foods without worrying about gaining weight. It frees patients from the guilt of straying from their diet and enables them to enjoy the holiday foods and festivities without anxiety or weight gain worry.

By combining the most modern medical understanding with decades of scientific and nutritional research, along with the most brilliant minds in the weight loss industry, Diet Doc developed their calorie loading diet plans that have proven to help more than 97% of their patients enjoy the holidays and still lose 20 or more pounds per month. By incorporating evidence, researched in the 1980s, which revealed the link between athletes, nutrition and body performance, they learned that loading up on high fat, high carbohydrate foods for 2-3 days increases the body's metabolism and fat oxidation and prepares it to begin searching for stored fat that has sought hiding places in the cells and is now dangerously preparing to nestle itself around the vital internal organs.

It is never too late to become healthier by losing excess fat. And, because Diet Doc uses their own algorithm to design their extreme weight loss strategies for each patient, more patients find success. New patients will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and consult online with one of the company's extreme weight loss doctors before working with a nutritionist who will tailor meal and snack plans around each patient's personal food preferences, age, gender, activity level, medical conditions, nutritional needs and weight loss goals. And, while everyone is eligible for these customized diet plans, many people will qualify to accelerate weight loss by including one or more of the company's pure, safe and powerful prescription diet products. These diet products are manufactured in fully licensed, FDA approved, U.S. based pharmacies and are specially formulated to, not only accelerate weight loss, but to make sticking to the diet plan easier by eliminating between meal hunger, loss of energy, dieting headaches and carbohydrate cravings. This powerful blend actually sends a signal to the brain to search out and release stored fat from its hiding places deep within the cells to be burned for energy and quickly released from the body.

Diet Doc has become a leader in the medical weight loss industry by delivering safe, comfortable and extreme weight loss to people in every part of the country. Their calorie loading diet plans are designed and supervised by specially trained doctors and certified nutritionists, who understand the science of safe and fast weight loss. Their patients are always closely monitored through scheduled weekly checkup calls and each patient is given unlimited access to their team of experts throughout their journey.

New patients can simply call 888-934-4451 or visit to get a head start on their New Year's weight loss resolution. After a review and assessment of the entire system, medical conditions and nutritional needs, recommendations will be made for the safest and best method of weight loss. And, because each calorie loading diet plan is tailored to the needs of each patient, the company is able to help those who are struggling to lose 10-20 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more.

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