Man accused of stealing private data of 130 celebs

Federal authorities alleged Tuesday that a man accessed private information of at least 130 celebrities and attempted to sell their copyrighted scripts, private data, and sexually explicit photos and videos.

In a criminal complaint, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's office accuses 23-year-old Alonzo Knowles of using email scams to hack into personal accounts. Authorities say he then attempted to sell some content to an undercover law enforcement officer for $80,000.

Knowles, who allegedly used the name Jeff Moxey in his scheme, is charged with one count of criminal copyright infringement and one count of identity theft. He was arrested in New York on Monday.

The complaint does not specify who Knowles targeted, but notes the victims worked in the "entertainment, sports and media industries."

Among other accusations, authorities allege Knowles attempted to sell upcoming episodes of a "popular drama television series" to a well-known radio host.

Knowles also allegedly offered to give an undercover officer celebrity sex tapes and Social Security numbers.