Odell Beckham Jr.'s suspension could boost this stock

Odell Beckham Jr. was probably not thinking of stock returns when he slammed into Josh Norman during the Giants' loss to the Panthers last Sunday. But the one-game suspension doled out to the star wide receiver may help investors in a midsize Midwestern bank in the process.

As CNBC reported, a football team's on-field performance can have a direct effect on the market performance of its home stadium's corporate sponsor. A fresh analysis shows Beckham's suspension could boost the return of TCF Financial stock by as much as 7 cents a share, or roughly $12 million.

The point spread moved in favor of Minnesota from +4 after the Sunday games to +6.5 Tuesday morning, following the suspension. That translates to a 7 percentage point increase in the Vikings odds. So the suspension itself is worth just north of $800,000 to the sponsor (or 7 percent of $12 million).

That's based on a Big Crunch analysis using a paper from researchers at the University of Connecticut. Two professors looked at the effects on stock prices of stadium sponsors under a number of scenarios.

On Monday, the NFL threw the book at Beckham for the flagrant hit, suspending him for the Giants' next game, a matchup against the Vikings in Minneapolis next Sunday. The Giants' hopes of making the playoffs dropped from 32 percent before their loss to the Panthers to a paltry 8 percent now.

The NFL upheld Beckham's one-game suspension Wednesday.

The game is to be played at TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota. (The Vikings are squatting there this year, waiting for their new stadium to be completed.)

The authors' research found that a win on a Monday night, in the playoffs or in an upset, can have a positive effect on the stadium sponsor's stock price around 50 basis points higher than a loss, when averaged over six statistical models.

TCF Financial shares closed around $14 a share on Monday, giving the company a market cap of almost $2.4 billion.

The authors found that Monday night games are special during the regular season because they're televised nationally and separately from other games, so they don't get lost in the noise.

All the publicity around Beckham's suspension could drive more viewers to the game on Sunday and keep people talking about it. If the game can grab headlines and commandeer the news cycle like a Monday night game, it could be a big hit for investors.

Mind you, this is educated speculation, so don't go betting your retirement savings on a Vikings victory and the ensuing payday. There's no guarantee that the stock purchase will pay off just as there's no guarantee that Adrian Peterson will rush for 200 yards. But it's interesting to consider the power of a sports team's performance and the media coverage of an event on the stadium's corporate sponsor.