This government claims 99% of its people are happy with it

Thailand government says population is happy with performance

This government claims 99% of its people are happy with it. Hint: It's not North Korea.

Thailand's military government, which took power after a coup d'etat, has good news: 99 percent of the country's people are happy with its performance, according to a new poll taken by the government, the Bangkok Post reported.

The poll, taken by the government's National Statistical Office, found 99.3 percent of the 2,700 people surveyed, were satisfied with the government's overall performance, the report said Wednesday.

Among the things that made them happiest: the government's moves to keep lottery ticket prices at 80 baht, which was met with 99.9 percent approval, the report said.

It wasn't all roses, however, with more than half the respondents wanting the government to put the brakes on rising consumer-product prices and more than a third wanting help with falling prices of agricultural commodities, the report said.

Thai deputy PM: Journalists threat 'not serious'

The poll's release came just a day before the government was set to release its one-year report card, according to the Bangkok Post.

In May 2014, after more than seven months of political protests against the democratically-elected government, Thailand's army chief, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, declared the military had seized power and later installed himself as prime minister, marking the 19th coup d'etat since 1932.

The timeline for a return to democratic elections has been pushed back repeatedly and elections may not be held until mid-2017.

While the military government's purported popularity may meet with skepticism -- particularly due to its propensity for harsh crackdowns on critics and General Prayuth's occasional threats to journalists -- some have noted that citizens' perceptions of crackdowns on corruption have been quite positive.

Bangkok, Thailand.
All smiles for the Thai economy

In Transparency International's 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index rankings, the rice-producing nation came in at 85th out of 175 nations.

The government's poll isn't the only morale boosting news for the country. General Prayuth also released the lyrics to his second patriotic ballad, titled "Because you are Thailand," on Wednesday, according to a Reuters report, which noted the military leader called it his new year present to the country.

Including lines such as "If we join hands... the day we hope for is not far away," the ballad has garnered more than a million views on YouTube, Reuters reported.

The first ballad written by Prayuth, "Return Happiness to Thailand," is played frequently on television and radio as part of the government's public relations campaigns, the report said.

-Nyshka Chandran contributed to this article.

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