What I want for Christmas—a 212 area code

In the latest installment of CNBC.com's Holiday Wish List series, Will Nathan of interior-design site Homepolish shares his holiday wish list of healthy eats, cozy footwear and an NYC badge of honor.

For the holidays this year, I will be reacquainting myself with my uncle and aunt's parrots at their home in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. One of my absolute favorite holiday traditions!

Will Nathan
Source: Homepolish

There will be beaches, deep conversation (mostly with humans) and delicious food involved; perhaps even a dive in the phosphorescent lagoon. On the way back to the states, I'll be taking a detour through Oaxaca to photograph a ruin or two.

Here's what I'd like to find under the tree.

Dinner Lab membership

Dinner Lab
Source: Dinner Lab

Via Dinner Lab, $175+ Dinner Costs ($60/plate)

I can't get enough of this nomadic dining experience that rotates ambitious chefs through unique spaces. I never knew eating in a shabby chic converted warehouse could be so much fun.

Urban Wooler

Baabuk Urban Wooler
Source: Baabuk
Baabuk Urban Wooler

Via Baabuk, €120.00

One of the greatest pleasures of summer is now available throughout cold winter months. Baabuk is a sneaker I can finally wear without socks, while keeping all of my toes from freezing.

Banza Pasta variety pack

Banza pasta
Source: Banza

Via Banza, $30

Founded by a Venture For America alumnus, Banza takes the guilt out of eating pasta. All of the carbs are replaced with harmless chickpeas. Yes, it really does tastes great, promise!

212 Area Code Phone Number

Old fashioned telephone
Ruth Hornby Photography | Getty Images

Via 212areacode, $95

Nothing says true New Yorker like the island's original 212. With phone-number brokerage 212areacode.com, you can actually buy your own 212 number. To my old SF 415: I'll never forget you, but I've moved on. Besides, these digits are an instant conversation starter.

Commentary by Will Nathan, chairman and co-founder of Homepolish, an online interior design company that provides professional designer services for a flat hourly fee. Prior to co-founding Homepolish, Will was a coder at Buzzfeed and worked in finance on $1 billion in technology mergers and acquisitions. Follow him on Twitter @willmnathan.