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MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With outrageous feasting now a major part of winter holidays, people are eating more than ever during the end of the year. However, studies show that the average person only gains about one pound per year during the holidays. Diet Doc has the answer. The truth is, eating a couple large meals in a row can actually help boost the metabolism, producing weight loss despite higher caloric intake. The trick to losing weight during the holidays is proper supervision, a well-designed weight loss plan, and effective prescription weight loss aids. Only Diet Doc combines each of these important factors to help clients begin losing weight at any time of the year, even during high calorie holidays.

With Diet Doc's unique approach to weight loss, dieting is now compatible with holiday feasting via an essential loading period of 2 days, which not only makes dieting during holidays possible, but actually makes the large meals traditionally eaten during winter holidays advantageous for successful weight loss.

The key to weight loss during the holidays is Diet Doc's first phase of their doctor supervised weight loss plans, referred to as the loading phase. This period of high calorie consumption allows clients to consume up to 3000 calories for two straight days, making this unique weight loss plan perfect for huge holiday dinners and even leftover feasts. The concept of calorie loading is not new to the weight loss world. Top nutritionists have actually been recommending it to their clients, for years, as a great way to boost the metabolism before beginning a diet.

Like the most effective diet plans, the Diet Doc medical weight loss system relies on a low carbohydrate nutrition plan in order to produce fast results. However, with traditional low carbohydrate diets that do not use a loading phase, the body does not have enough fuel to maintain a high metabolism during the first few days of dieting, leading to a lack of glycogen stores. The Diet Doc system allows for dieting during the holidays because that feast ensures that there are enough glycogen stores to get through those first few days of the diet with minimal hunger and blood sugar issues.

To aid weight loss during the holidays, Diet Doc's weight loss plans utilize prescription treatments to further increase results, making holiday loading more effective at boosting the metabolism, and in turn making dieting during holidays a great time to begin losing weight.

The most successful dieters in the country have already used Diet Doc's medically supervised weight loss plans to help them shed pounds more effectively. The company is one of the only medical weight loss providers in the nation that delivers their weight loss plan directly to patients' doors, with unlimited doctor consultations done from the convenience of home, doctor and nutritionist designed diet plans, and prescription weight loss medication formulated by licensed weight loss doctors and manufactured in an FDA, American based compounding pharmacy, so efficacy and purity are never in question.

Only Diet Doc takes the mystery out of weight loss, and allows for holiday loading, making dieting during holidays not simply possible, but a genuinely great time to begin a diet plan.

Don't let the holidays stop you from starting a diet plan. Call Diet Doc today and consult with a licensed doctor today, receive your weight loss supplies via rush delivery, and start the journey to a healthier lifestyle today.

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