'Taco' thievery: Robbed Vegas restaurant mocks bandits

Sometimes, all you need is a taco and a cash register full of cash. That's the philosophy of a Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas, which was the victim of a robbery in the early hours of Dec. 17.

Instead of just reporting the incident to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos capitalized on the situation and posted a video of the security footage on its YouTube page, making fun of the burglars a day later.

Two men in hoodies and rubber gloves are shown breaking into the restaurant, searching for money with captions like "Guys frantically search for tacos" and "Maybe they keep tacos in the register" when one of them rips one of the cash boxes from the counter. The video ends with photos of the establishment's tacos, the perpetrators and the line, "We take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people to do."

"There's certainly been an uptick in business," General Manager Ben Carlson, who helps run the restaurant with his father-in-law, told CNBC. He said the idea of the video was a collective family decision to get the public involved and that financial losses were "minimal."

Ben also said that no arrests had yet been made in the investigation. Public Information Officer Michael Rodriguez for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department mirrored that sentiment, stating that no suspects have been identified in the ongoing case.

This occurred at 7000 W. Charleston Boulevard, one of the restaurant's two branches. The LVMPD Crime Stoppers are accepting tips in identifying the men at 702-385-5555.