Look Younger and Feel Better in 2016 with Diet Doc's Prescription Sermorelin hGH Anti-Aging Therapy

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., Dec. 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- hGH – human growth hormone - is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. During the high-growth, teenage years, its production increases and, then as the body ages, production declines, resulting in visible signs of wear and tear, such as wrinkles and droopy skin. Physical effects of aging can include muscle weakening, lack of energy and loss of stamina.

Diet Doc has dedicated decades of scientific and medical research to develop their prescription Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy and have played a significant role in helping people throughout the country safely look younger and feel better. The safe alternative to human growth hormone, Sermorelin anti-aging therapy naturally restores the body's hGH production to more youthful levels without the side effects associated with human growth hormone.

An in-house clinical study revealed that thousands of Diet Doc patients report that they look younger and are feeling better with prescription Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy. Reports include a reduction in wrinkles, smoother, younger looking skin, improved mood and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Aside from these powerful benefits, prescription Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Fat reduction;
  • Increased lean muscle mass;
  • Increased bone density;
  • Enhanced memory and brain function;
  • Improved heart and kidney function;
  • Better sleep quality;
  • Strengthened immune system;
  • Improved libido;
  • Improved exercise tolerance;
  • An overall feeling of general wellbeing.

Patients who are interested in looking younger and feeling better safely and naturally are encouraged to call 888-934-4451 or visit www.dietdoc.com. New patients will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire and consult online with one of the company's highly trained doctors who work closely with each patient to review the system and history to be certain that Sermorelin anti-aging therapy is the safest and most effective alternative.

Diet Doc cautions patients that, because the sale of this powerful anti-aging treatment is strictly regulated in the United States, it is impossible to obtain without a valid doctor prescription. And, although there are various hGH outlets readily available online, these over the counter supplements are normally manufactured outside of the U.S. where there are no safety or satisfaction guidelines. hGH sold without a doctor prescription typically contains unknown fillers that may pose health compromise. Only authentic hGH can provide the true advantage of this amazing hormone.

Diet Doc has built its reputation by providing only the safest and most effective products to patients throughout the country. Their prescription diet medications and natural hormone treatments, including Sermorelin hGH anti-aging therapy, is manufactured in FDA approved, fully licensed pharmacies in the U.S. Each shipment is accompanied by a third party laboratory Certificate of Analysis, which details the quality and quantity of ingredients.

Diet Doc knows that it is never too late to improve physical and emotional health and are excited to be able to offer another safe and innovative product to their already impressive collection of diet products and healthy living supplements. Call today to schedule a private, no-cost consultation and join the thousands of people across the country who are looking younger and feeling better with Diet Doc's prescription hGH Sermorelin anti-aging therapy.

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