Kleefeld Chiropractic Announces Success Treating Back Pain Without Medication  

REDDING, Calif., Dec. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kleefeld Chiropractic says that the practice has had significant success treating back pain through drug-free, non-invasive care rather than medication. Redding chiropractor Dr. Kleefeld uses chiropractic care to treat pain in the lower, middle and upper back. Dysfunction in spinal joints produces pain; common causes for this dysfunction and pain include poor posture, scoliosis, arthritis and natural degeneration. Most patients have multiple causes of dysfunction that exacerbate pain and complicate treatment, says Dr. Kleefeld. By identifying the root cause for pain, Dr. Kleefeld says chiropractic care is able to bring patients long-lasting pain relief without the need for medication.

“Effective treatment starts with the right diagnosis,” says Dr. Kleefeld. “In order to treat a patient’s pain, we need to know what is causing this pain in the first place. I ask patients questions about when the pain first started, what makes symptoms better or worse and how this pain affects daily activity. These answers guide my examination and help me to hone in on the root cause of pain and discomfort effectively.”

According to Dr. Kleefeld, most patients who experience back pain have multiple triggers that lead to cumulative dysfunction. This can mean that the pain is intense and difficult to manage.

“By identifying the root trigger or triggers for back pain, we are able to create a custom treatment program that effectively addresses this spinal dysfunction,” states Dr. Kleefeld. “Treating the root cause of pain is essential to achieving long-lasting relief.”

Dr. Kleefeld stressed that chiropractic treatment is different from medication.

“Chiropractic care targets the root cause of dysfunction for long-lasting pain relief, which is different from the use of medication, a treatment option that focuses only on symptom management,” says Dr. Kleefeld. “While pain medication may help to minimize a patient’s pain temporarily, drugs work by numbing the brain’s ability to perceive pain. This is not a permanent solution because, once the medication wears off, the pain will return.”

With chiropractic care, Dr. Kleefeld says he focuses on four main categories of manipulation treatment options. These four treatment categories are the activator method, joint mobilization through gentle stretching, joint mobilization through contract/relax stretching and joint manipulation.

“Regardless of the manipulation type, we find that integrating physiotherapy and exercise into treatment enhances pain management and improves patient outcomes,” says Dr. Kleefeld. “Physiotherapy helps muscles that have become chronically tight to lengthen safely, releasing trapped muscular tension, for a greater range of mobility in the back.”

Kleefeld Chiropractic provides comprehensive chiropractic care for the management of back pain, neck pain and other chronic pain conditions. Dr. Kleefeld, who is licensed in both Arizona and California, is a past president of California Chiropractic Association's Redwood Society and a state-approved Qualified Medical Examiner. The Redding chiropractor specializes in treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders of the spine. For more on how chiropractic care treats back pain, visit http://kleefeldchiropractic.com or call 530-722-9010.

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Source: Kleefeld Chiropractic