Jamaica's economy is jamming

Jamaica's stock market is up more than 80 percent this year thanks to beer and dolphins.

One exchange standout is Desnoes and Geddes, the regional brewer behind Red Stripe Beer, which recently folded into the Heineken beer empire.

Then of course there's the dolphin sector jumping out of the water this year.

Mexican marine park company, Dolphin Discovery, just bought a majority stake in a Jamaican rival called Dolphin Cove. Both companies operate "dolphinariums" where people can get up close and personal to bottlenose dolphins and other sea life in their natural habitat.

So when you are looking for a frontier market on the rise, Jamaica offers a lot more than reggae and sand.

This Caribbean nation of 2.8 million boasts a thriving economy and tropical climate conducive to tourism. It is a world leader in bauxite, and major agricultural exporter of sugar, coffee and bananas.

Plagued by years of recession, the tiny nation pushed itself out of debt so efficiently Standard & Poor's recently lifted its rating from B- to B.

But remember, frontier markets are frontier for a reason. They are small and often illiquid.

Meaning if you buy into it and want to sell, sometimes you can't without taking a big loss.

Of course, on the flip side, when it comes to outsize returns, 80 plus percent is still 80 plus percent.

Graphic artwork by CNBC's Marissa Jumper