Ridesharing company Lyft reveals top destinations of 2015

Source: Lyft

Hailing a Lyft to grab a coffee? Odds are you are headed to Starbucks.

In its first annual "Lyftie Awards," the ridesharing service revealed the most-visited bars, restaurants, coffee chains and event spaces by its passengers in 2015.

More than 60 locations have been named as award winners and will receive an official sticker to display at their establishment. National winners will be presented with a customized trophy.

The winners of the national awards are:

  • Most Visited Restaurant: Tacolicious, San Francisco
  • Most Visited Bar: The Abbey, Los Angeles
  • Most Visited Coffeehouse: Starbucks
  • Most Visited Business School: Harvard Business School, Boston

"It's responsible for making 'pumpkin spice' a food group," Lyft said of the most visited coffee chain in the United States. "The amount of drop-offs at a Starbucks? Let's just say, venti."

The true winner of Lyft's top destination list is transit stops, however. Bus stops, train stations and metro stations were the most popular drop-off locations for passengers in 2015.

Live in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Washington, D.C., Austin, Boston, Miami or Nashville? Lyft has compiled the top destinations for each city.