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The most influential CEOs on Twitter in 2015

Mark Cuban

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CEOs of the year on Twitter

Love them or hate them, CEOs like Elon Musk and Tim Cook leave their marks on the world.

Their influence can be measured by groundbreaking feats — the successful launch and landing of a SpaceX rocket — and incredible charitable efforts — donating more than $28 billion for education and health care.

However, CrowdTangle, a social media analytics firm, calculates influence a bit differently. The company reviewed the top 150 CEOs who used Twitter this year and determined who had the most engagement with social media users.

Here are the Top 10 most influential CEOs on Twitter for 2015, based on the likes and retweets they received.

— By's Lyanne Alfaro and Sarah Whitten
Posted Dec. 31, 2015

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