Art Cashin's New Year's poem

Art Cashin
Adam Jeffery | CNBC
Art Cashin

'Tis two days yet to New Year

but despite what you're hopin'

The folks in the Board Room

say "the full Eve we'll stay open"

So we'll buy and we'll sell

as the tape crawls along

And though "Bubbly's" verboten

we may still sing a song

Two Thousand Fifteen

had high hopes at the start

But a sharp selloff in August

nearly ripped us apart

Then Draghi and Yellen

swore that hope hadn't departed

So we stuttered and sputtered

to just get back where we started

We lost special people

as we seem to each year

It just makes us treasure

each one that's still here

Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy

beamed up for one last time

And Rod McKuen put his pen down

as he wrote his last rhyme

BB King plays for Angels

on a heavenly shore

Ben E. King is gone also

he'll "Stand by me" no more

And Maureen O'Hara

with her fiery red hair

Went to visit St. Peter

and found "Ellie May" there

Horror movies', Wes Craven

now some cherubs he'll scare

Christopher Lee went along too

to play the monster lead there

Frank Gifford departed

as did Yogi Berra

Sports true special gentlemen

its the end of an era

Darryl Dawkins is gone now

as is Moses Malone

They're teaching foul shooting

to each cherub alone

And Meadowlark Lemon

will Globe Trot no more

Guess the party is over

since we lost Leslie Gore

Julian Bond left us also

as did Edward Brooke too

Two of the best statesmen

that we ever knew

And Mario Cuomo

just decided to go

And our VP, Joe Biden

lost his precious son, Beau

King Abdullah left also

to sit by Allah's great throne

As did Omar Sharif

who went off on his own

A much loved lion named, Cecil

a dentist paid so he could slay

The backlash was enormous

so the doc hid away

Policemen and suspects

caused a ton of blog chatters

As demonstrators all chanted

about whose life really matters

Refugees flooded Europe

terror hit Paris two times

While in San Bernardino

we saw husband/wife crimes

They put a Tiara

on Miss Universe

And five minutes later

they had to reverse

California had fires

the Carolinas saw floods

And a balmy December

has cherry blossoms in buds

There were some shootings on campus

and some even in a church

In Nepal a great earthquake

left thousands in a lurch

Hoverboards were this season's

really, really hot toy

And Brue Jenner's now Caitlyn

he's no longer a boy

Taylor Swift told the streamers

her songs she won't sell

But late in this year

she got swamped by Adele

In England Elizabeth

still sits on the throne

Surpassing Victoria

a new record she'll own

Oil prices plunged

for lots of good reasons

To dealmakers chagrin

they closed the Four Seasons

The Confederate Flag

was lowered then furled

That debate was confusing

to the rest of the world

While a rat took a pizza

on a subway one day

But he couldn't eat gluten

so he threw it away

Our good friends to the North

to the left they would go

Which they showed by electing

yet another Trudeau

Harper Lee found an old script

from an old neighborhood

It dethroned a hero

Atticus looks less good

Let not this year's memories

of sadness or sleaze

Disturb you this day

just give your heart ease

Have faith that this New Year

will bring a new sign

And believe in yourself

it will all work out fine

Just lift up your spirits

and some fruit of the vine

And kiss ye a loved one

and sing Auld Lange Syne

And late Thursday evening

as you watch the ball fall

Wish yourself all the best

Happy New Year to All!!

  • Bob Pisani

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