Dr. Alastair McAlees Joins Charlotte Health Center

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Alastair McAlees joined Charlotte Health Center in December 2015. Dr. McAlees has practiced chiropractic for more than 40 years, specializing in spinal decompression for the last 10 years.

Dr. McAlees’ interest in chiropractic was born out of his personal experience. When serving in the Marine Corps, he was injured during a training exercise. Months after the initial injury, Dr. McAlees found himself crippled with pain, swelling and rheumatoid arthritis that severely limited his mobility. By the age of 20, Dr. McAlees was wheelchair bound and unable to complete the simplest self-care tasks. It was after a car accident in 1972 that he turned to chiropractic care to relieve the symptoms of whiplash. The chiropractor detected a severely misaligned bone in his neck and developed a plan of care to address this issue. Within a few months of beginning chiropractic care, Alastair McAlees was back to normal and determined to help others through chiropractic care.

Dr. Matthew McAlees of Charlotte Health Center is a third-generation chiropractor himself and the son of Alastair McAlees. "My father's story is a testament to the power of chiropractic care. As chiropractors, we understand that everything in the body relates back to the health of the spine. However, when the spine is not in alignment, the consequences can be severe as you see in his case," states Dr. McAlees.

Since recovering from the car accident and returning to health, Dr. Alastair McAlees has devoted himself to the practice of chiropractic and helping others return to health as well. "I am thrilled to join the staff at Charlotte Health Center," says Dr. McAlees. "It is a great opportunity to serve the people of Charlotte while pursuing my professional interest in spinal decompression. At the end of the day, chiropractic is about helping people live better, healthier, fuller lives. When people come to me in tears describing their pain and the things that they cannot do, I immediately want to help them overcome their pain and reach their goals. It drives me."

Dr. McAlees brings personal and professional experience to his work at Charlotte Health Center. In addition to his four decades of professional practice, Dr. McAlees raised his own children as naturally as possible and encourages his patients to do the same. He has served on numerous professional boards and committees throughout his career, dedicating his life to the service of others.

To make an appointment or inquire about chiropractic care, contact Charlotte Health Center at 704-781-1938 during regular office hours. Charlotte Health Center is located at 4012 Park Road, #103, Charlotte, NC 28209. The clinic is open daily from Monday through Friday and most Saturdays. Visit www.charlottehealthcenter.com for exact hours, additional information and updates.

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