Forsyth Veterinary Hospital Stresses the Importance of Pet Wellness Exams

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Jan. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The veterinary staff at Forsyth Veterinary Hospital is stressing the importance of regular pet wellness exams. A pet wellness exam offers an opportunity for a veterinarian to conduct a thorough patient history including questions about the pet. The veterinarian will make recommendations for treatment of chronic conditions, nutritional changes in diet, parasite control and skin and coat care. The veterinarian will conduct a dental exam and recommend any necessary cleanings or treatments. A significant benefit of annual wellness exams is early detection of medical conditions which leads to less expensive treatment with better patient outcomes.

Dr. Ruth M. Gillis of Forsyth Veterinary Hospital compares wellness exams for pets to those of children. "When you have a young child, you visit the doctor every year near the child's birthday, even when nothing appears to be wrong. The physician can tell a lot about the child's health from a physical exam, patient history, checking growth and other key factors. For a veterinarian, these wellness visits with a pet act in the same manner. We conduct a thorough physical exam, discuss concerns with pet parents, and provide routine vaccinations that ensure the pet remains healthy.”

For Dr. Gillis, routine wellness exams can prevent unnecessary expenses down the road. "As humans, when we remain healthy we are less at risk for chronic, debilitating diseases. It is the same for our pets. If we can keep their teeth clean, then they will have fewer dental problems. If we can keep them well exercised, eating a healthy diet and at a good weight, then they are less disposed to problems like joint pain and diabetes or thyroid problems. A wellness visit can detect these problems in their early stages, and recommend early treatments."

Forsyth Veterinary Hospital conducts pet wellness exams in their Winston-Salem office. A wellness exam begins with a general health screening and may include laboratory work such as a stool sample, urinalysis, and blood work. Dr. Gillis and her staff will discuss pet behavior problems or changes since the last visit. During the comprehensive physical exam, they will examine the animal's skin, eyes and coat as well as listen to the pet's heart and palpitate the abdomen. The animal's ears will be examined for signs of mites and tumors. Finally, they will update the pet's vaccinations, such as required rabies shots.

To make an appointment for a wellness exam, contact Forsyth Veterinary Hospital at (336) 765-1225. The hospital is located at 2556 S. Stratford Road, in Winston-Salem, NC 27103. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM with the exception of Wednesdays when they close at 5:30 PM. The hospital offers Saturday hours by appointment only.

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