GX-Life Global Inc., a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Global Future City Holding Inc. (OTCQB: FTCY), Announces the Launch of Its MLM Program to Asia and the U.S.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 04, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GX Life Global, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Future City Holding Inc. (OTCQB:FTCY) (the “Company”) announced the launch of its Asia based multi-level marketing program (“MLM”). The Company’s entire line of consumer based products may be viewed at its website www.gx-life.com. The website provides not just a consumer friendly environment graphically displaying the Company’s entire product line, but also offers MLM participants password protected access to real-time easily understood compensation and downline activity. The Company anticipates eventually incorporating GX-Coin, one of the first digitally based blockchain supported securities, into its MLM compensation, to further support its marketing activities by providing additional financial incentives for its participants. GX-Coin is presently under development by the Company’s strategic partner, Great Coin, Inc., which is an entity separate but affiliated with the Company.

Ning Liu, CEO and President of FTCY stated, “The launch of our entire line of consumer products has been anticipated for several months and we believe that the demand for our products, which include beauty, energy, nutrition and tea products, coupled with our proprietary advanced software will provide an important tool for those considering joining our MLM program while providing our distributors with important tools to efficiently expand sales. We are presently aggressively pursuing market opportunities in Asia and anticipate a limited launch in the United States; however, we will continue to cooperate with regulators to expand our reach in the United States and Canada once we finalize the required legal framework for GX-Coin in the United States. Our software is based upon the iMatrix MLM management system which has managed many of the largest MLM programs in the world. The present launch of our MLM program will result in the immediate generation of revenues which we believe will potentially provide profitability during the first half of 2016.”

About GX-Life Global, Inc.

GX-Life Global operates a robust, scalable platform to support multi-level marketing (“MLM”) opportunities throughout the world. GX-Life Global is a multi-level marketing company offering a diverse line of products presently in the following categories: beauty, energy, nutrition, and tea. In the beauty category, GX-Life Global has developed a line of high-end moisturizers, serums, and creams designed to protect the skin and combat the signs of aging. In the energy category, GX-Life Global offers two uniquely formulated F.I.T.T. Energy® one-ounce energy gel packs and a high antioxidant berry one ounce gel pack that contains the equivalent of 75–300 glasses of resveratrol in a single serving. In the tea category, GX-Life Global offers single-serve sachets of Authentea® organic tea extract and Herbalsoul® herbal tea extract, in addition to various tea wares. In the nutrition category, GX-Life Global offers a range of nutraceutical and diet products, including a multivitamin, probiotic, digestive enzyme, joint reliever, detoxifier, calcium supplement, and organic "superfood" powder. In addition, GX-Life Global provides its members with the opportunity to purchase all-inclusive travel packages with first-class air transportation and luxury hotel accommodations. Relatedly, GX-Life Global offers its members a selection of plastic surgery medical tourism packages that entitle the purchaser to a specified number of hours of invasive and/or non-invasive plastic surgery at an outpatient clinic in Newport Beach, California. GX-Life Global also provides its members with the opportunity to purchase fine art at a discounted price. GX-Life Global offers varying levels of membership including Standard and VIP as well as various status levels: Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Jade. The membership structure incorporates status and reward point features which can be redeemed in cash or digital securities built on blockchain technology (similar to the Bit-Coin platform) known as "GX-Coins" or can be used to purchase products offered by GX-Life Global. The Company is presently developing fully integrated software to support the issuance and trading of GX-Coin digital securities and anticipates a fully operational platform will be deployed by the first quarter of 2016.

About Global Future City Holding Inc.

Global Future City Holding Inc. is a holding company which wholly owns GX Life Global, Inc. but is also focused on implementing an EB-5 immigrant investor program for foreign investors who are interested in acquiring lawful permanent residence in the United States, and the marketing and deployment of its MLM loyalty-based retail program. The Company plans to focus its initial efforts on acquiring qualified investment projects that are aligned with its EB-5 Regional Center and launching the digital security-based MLM program. Additional information on the Company may be viewed at http://www.gf.city.

About Great Coin, Inc.

Great Coin, Inc., a Nevada corporation, is a technology company in the process of developing “Great Coin” or “GX-Coin” which is an open source digital security that functions as a store of value and a medium of exchange. GX-Coins will be freely tradable on an online trading platform, and the price of a GX-Coin once on the trading platform will be determined by market forces through trading activity. Great Coin plans to freely sell the GX-Coins directly and via GX-Life Global pursuant to a registration statement as a “digital security.” As a digital security, GX-Coin will be offered as an uncertificated security, the ownership and transfer of which are recorded on an encrypted, secured distributed ledger system using technology similar to the distributed ledger technology used for trading digital currencies.

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