Compuware Delivers Deep Mainframe Application Insight to Splunk’s Industry-Leading Operational Intelligence for Enterprise IT

  • Splunk Enterprise collects and analyzes the wealth of data generated by enterprise IT environments so companies can much more effectively detect and resolve security and performance issues.

  • Compuware Hiperstation for application auditing gathers deep insight into how applications are actually being used and records those activities, complementing Splunk and Splunk partners’ existing SIEM capabilities.

  • By adding Compuware’s mainframe application auditing information to Splunk, enterprise IT can unify their security and compliance management efforts—and thereby achieve better results.

  • Compuware’s auditing architecture is particularly efficient and customizable, so enterprises can gain the benefits of cross-platform insight with minimized processing overhead.

DETROIT, Jan. 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Compuware® is enabling enterprises to more effectively discover and resolve security and compliance issues across their large multi-platform IT environments by feeding mainframe application usage insight to Splunk® Enterprise.

Many large enterprises use Splunk Enterprise to capture and analyze the wealth of data generated by their computer systems, networks, storage devices, applications, and other IT resources. By quickly and automatically detecting patterns and anomalies in this “big data,” IT staffs can act much more responsively to address potential cyber-threats and operational issues.

Compuware is adding significant value to these Splunk deployments by capturing and delivering complete, accurate insight into who is accessing mainframe applications and exactly how they are using them.

This rich mainframe insight, captured by Compuware Hiperstation® for application auditing, enables enterprise IT organizations to unify and complete their Splunk Enterprise SIEM environments. With complete auditing data from all IT resources across all platforms, these organizations can much more effectively and efficiently:

  • Discover and respond to behavioral anomalies that indicate a security event or exposure
  • Correlate logs and other data for comprehensive compliance reporting
  • Provide forensic evidence when called upon

“As long as IT is forced to continue treating the mainframe as an isolated operational silo, it will struggle with the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of fragmented SIEM,” said Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley. “By enabling IT to converge mainframe metrics into their broader multi-platform Splunk deployments, Compuware is eliminating this silo and empowering enterprise IT to substantially improve its security and compliance outcomes.”

Many mainframe application auditing solutions consume excessive processing resources. Some solutions are also difficult to implement and configure. The Compuware Hiperstation for application auditing data feed to Splunk is specifically designed to provide rich data inputs, while minimizing resource consumption and allowing for easy “fetch-and-filter” configuration by IT staff without extensive mainframe expertise.

IT security services firm mnemonic, a Splunk reseller with numerous certifications such as PCI DSS PCI Forensic Investigator, helped shape the data integration process with Compuware. According to co-founder Jorn Tore Hov, “Having the Compuware Application Auditing data available in Splunk, is an important step in protecting mainframe environments through the mnemonic Advanced Threat Defense platform Argus.”

Compuware announced the Splunk application auditing data feeding capability in conjunction with the introduction of Compuware’s ground-breaking strategy for transferring mainframe platform responsibilities from traditionally siloed mainframe management specialists to mainstream enterprise DevOps teams using popular, mainstream DevOps tools. Read the press release.

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