Description of 2015 Creative Case of Public Relation in Five Fields

BEIJING, Jan. 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Abstract: In the Internet era, both consumers' psychological needs and user experience change in a revolutionary way. Enterprises worldwide change traditional marketing mode to the transboundary and interactive innovative marketing mode. Throughout 2015, famous enterprises worldwide seek for unique marketing methods to create infinite possibilities for enterprise development. The Blue Technology will introduce five innovative cases of public relation in 2015!

Automobile: Leader class "spokesperson" of the top-level sedan - Maybach

For the top-level luxury automobile brand, there is no doubt that national leaders are the best "spokesperson". On October 29, 2015, Maybach brand timely focused on two core information of “German Chancellor Merkel’s visit to China” and “Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang invites Merkel to Mount Huangshan for a trip”, took advantage of the great idea “Maybach+The pine greeting guests” in first time, and explained the innovative concept of “Honoring the world with respect” in virtue of the cultural meaning of Chinese “The pine greeting guests”. These correspond to the pursuit of target owner for eminent social position.

Luxury goods: Natural museum showcase of Hermes: ingenuity of handwork master!

In February 2015, Shanghai Museum of Natural History, the newest showcase design of Hermes was displayed. Throughout three months, French artist Zim&Zou and other handicraftsmen completed the hand-made showcase themed by “City of Sky”, “Underwater World” and “Jungle Jam”, with the layout by leather. In the era of science and technology, Hermes, the luxury brand adhering traditional handicraft, is accurately designed for high-end consumers who advocate quality of life and love ingenuity process, and shows a magic of handicraft world to consumers.

Service: Airborne landing of airline stewardesses from UAE on the football ground culminates the atmosphere

In October, in Estádio da Luz of Lisbon Portugal, stewardesses of Emirates Airlines made a surprise appearance, to demonstrate safety instruction before competition in the way of demonstrating flight safety instruction. They tactfully combine boring aviation safety video with surroundings of the football ground, to show the brand image of Emirates Airlines. In the meantime of getting thunderous applause of spot audience, they attract enough attention for Emirates Airlines.

High-end household appliances: Casarte builds a precise marketing together with EMBA

In 2015, high-end household appliances brand Casarte and top-level EMBA carried out transboundary cooperation, with the brand successfully illustrated in the class of Peking University, Hong Kong University, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, etc., and carried out transboundary communication with business elites. According to those in the industry, this time, by adopting a new mode of transboundary cooperation, interactive experience, etc., Casarte carried out precision marketing among high-end consumers represented by business elites of EMBA, and saw clearly the market requirements of urban elites for high-end household appliances. The brand made a breakthrough on the situation that traditional marketing positioning can only determine the nature by quantifiable precision market positioning.

Fast moving consumer goods: Coca Cola focuses on the emerging market by providing young people with "cola flow"

In digital era, for the youth can’t leave social network, network flow is more attractive than a bottle of cola. As a result, Coca Cola holds a precision marketing activity of filling “cola flow” for telephone in the Brazilian market, and targets the youth who are keen on mobile devices and free Wifi in the emerging market.

The premise of participating in the activity is that the user shall first download a browser customized by Coca Cola. When the user opens the browser and gets close to a vending machine, a picture on the telephone will show that “cola flow” is filled, 20M free flow will be obtained – Coca Cola names the activity as “happiness of 20 L”.

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