Oculus, Playstation prep VR hardware launches, as Fox leads content landgrab

People play with virtual reality head gear 'Gear VR' of Oculus during the Tokyo Game Show.
Toru Yamanaka | AFP | Getty Images

On the heels of Samsung's Gear VR selling out over the holidays, virtual reality is set to take off in 2016, as Facebook's Oculus and Sony's PlayStation launch their highly anticipated hardware.

Presales of the Oculus VR headset start on Wednesday, and demand has been stronger than many expected.

A new study from Magid Advisors found that nearly half of all Americans who play video games were interested in at-home VR. And the market of gamers is huge — 70 percent of Americans play games on their phone or console, according to Magid.

Of the VR providers, the study found that Oculus Rift had the highest awareness among gamers, with 25 percent, followed by Samsung Gear VR, and then Sony Morpheus, with Google Cardboard in the rear, with just 17 percent awareness.

Given that Oculus Rift hasn't gone on sale yet, and Google Cardboard launched in December 2014, this shows the strength of demand for the Oculus headset that's designed for serious gamers to hook up to a PC.

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