Porter Ranch Residents’ Voices Are Finally Heard as Governor Brown Declares State of Emergency

PORTER RANCH, Calif., Jan. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After a tremendous grassroots effort on the part of Porter Ranch residents, Governor Jerry Brown has finally declared a state of emergency following a massive gas well blowout at the Aliso Canyon Underground Storage Facility. The failed well, owned and operated by SoCalGas, has continued to spew noxious gas into the hillside community since October 2015. For nearly three months, hundreds of residents and their pets have been sickened with nosebleeds, headaches, dizziness and vomiting and thousands of families have been displaced from their homes as a result of the well failure.

"We're unsure why it took Governor Brown so long to address the crisis facing the residents of Porter Ranch but we welcome his involvement and look forward to working with him as we seek to remedy this environmental catastrophe and prevent it from ever happening again," said attorney Brian Panish.

After months of inaction, Governor Brown's proclamation comes as a relief to the Katz family who has been lobbying for action from the state official since the beginning. Christine Katz and her husband Brian started an online petition in December 2015 demanding the governor take notice by declaring a state of emergency, enabling residents with provisions to help them combat the detrimental effects of the gas well blowout.

"We are grateful Governor Brown declared an emergency," Christine Katz said. "It is an important first step to protect Porter Ranch families and we welcome the governor to meet with our family to see firsthand how we've been impacted by SoCalGas's negligence."

A detailed summary of the State of Emergency proclamation can be found here.

“This is great news for the families of Porter Ranch,” said attorney R. Rex Parris who represents Save Porter Ranch and members of the Porter Ranch community. “On a daily basis, the SoCalGas well blowout is discharging enough methane gas to generate electricity to power over 1,000,000 homes.”

The Aliso Canyon gas well blowout was caused by an injection well failure that continues to send natural gas mixed with various other chemicals including benzene (a known carcinogen) hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, and methane into the air above Porter Ranch and neighboring communities.

SoCalGas recently admitted that the company had removed a safety valve from the failed well in 1979 that may have aided in stopping the ongoing flow of gas. The valve, as explained by SoCalGas Executive Rodger Schwecke in an interview with LA Weekly, was old, leaking and difficult to find, which now calls into question the overall safety and maintenance of the Aliso Canyon Underground Storage Facility.

For more information and to view the massive amount of poisonous gas being emitted by the shocking and unprecedented well failure, visit www.porterranchlawsuit.com.

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