Umatrin Holding Limited Acquires U Matrin Worldwide Sdn Bhd

NEW YORK, Jan. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Umatrin Holding Limited (UMHL) and U Matrin Worldwide Sdn Bhd (“Umatrin”), a private limited company incorporated in Malaysia, announced today that UMHL had acquired 80% of the equity interests of Umatrin in exchange for the issuance of a total of 100,000,000 shares of its common stock to the two holders of Umatrin, Dato’ Sri Warren Eu Hin Chai and Dato’ Liew Kok Hong (the “Share Exchange”). Immediately following the Share Exchange, the business of Umatrin became the business of UMHL. The UMHL operation office remained in Malaysia and the current business market will remain focus in Asia.

The current directors of Umatrin will resign from their positions with Umatrin upon the closing of the proposed merger, and the combined company will be under the leadership of UMHL’s Board of Directors with Dato’ Liew Kok Hong serving as chief executive officer and Dato’ Sri Warren Eu Hin Chai, Dato’ Osmanthus Ang, Bishan, Teoh and Peter Teng as directors.

Prior to the proposed merger, Dato’ Sri Warren Eu Hin Chai, the sole director of UMHL, is dedicated in delivering increased shareholder value. In order to move forward with his vision, he decided to acquire Umatrin, one of his operating companies in Malaysia into UMHL.

Umatrin focuses on health and beauty care products. Umatrin had cooperated with several corporations and is appointed as their sole distributor for their health and beauty care products in Asia. Umatrin applies leading O2O (Online to Offline) marketing strategy to both retail and wholesale trade. Umatrin provides technology and services to enable consumers, dealers and other participants to conduct business in our cloud-based trading system. At Umatrin’s retail store, Umatrin also provides training and product introductory speeches to public. As to date, we have about 20,000 dealers selling our products. As of December 31, 2014, Umatrin’s net profit is RM1,011,215.00 (approximately USD$233,885.45) .

According to Dato’ Liew, “Our Company focus on educating consumers about the unique benefits of our products, developing intimate relationships with consumers, capitalizing on our multi-channel distribution strategy to effectively reach and engage those consumers and allowing our consumers to enjoy the benefit to be profitable by sharing the same to other consumers. We believe educational media such as products introductory demo and continuous products roadshows are effective at informing consumers about the innovative product formulation, application technique and resulting benefits of our products. We also believe that our company-owned boutiques enhance the authenticity of our brand and provide a personal environment in which we offer our broadest product assortment and provide one-on-one consumer consultations and product demonstrations. At the same time, our physical presences at the event hosted by our dealers have helped to further strengthen our brand image and provide additional points of contact to educate consumers about our products.

In moving forward, Umatrin will introduce more products for the benefit of their consumers and had recently introduced their own anti-aging skin care brand series known as “AKERO SECRET”. The product is developed with 100% natural botanical active ingredients and adopted a unique nanotechnology for skin hydration and anti-aging.

Additionally, Umatrin is expanding and focusing its products distribution and/or market in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan and Umatrin have received positive supports and feedbacks on Umatrin’s products especially from China and Thailand.

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