IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 7, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Orange County Business Council (OCBC) released the following statement today in response to Governor Brown's transportation package as part of the proposed budget:

"The Orange County Business community applauds Governor Brown for his continued dedication to fixing California's severely degraded roads," said Lucy Dunn, President and CEO, OCBC. "The inclusion of a transportation package in the state's budget signals the hope for a bipartisan effort to address one of the most critical problems plaguing the state's growth and future — without reliable means of movement for goods and people, California's businesses and residents face a major hindrance in economy prosperity."

"California is the world's eighth largest economy and the largest in the U.S., however, its roads are consistently ranked one of the worst in the nation. Motorists spend on average $762 annually to fix auto repairs caused by poor road conditions while the average Southern California driver spends up to 80 hours a year in traffic – clearly money wasted. Not to mention time delayed getting goods to ports of trade."

"OCBC strongly advocates for a long-term funding plan that includes both reform and revenue to address the state's more than $300 million transportation funding shortfall. The business community looks forward to working with Gov. Brown and the legislature to address this critical issue and keep California moving."

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