Diet Doc Announces Powerful Prescription Hormone Treatments for Weight Loss

MIAMI, Jan. 8, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With holiday feasts squarely in the rearview mirror, Americans are now fervently searching for the best way to lose weight. Most already know that trendy diet plans, frozen meals in boxes, and complicated point-keeping systems are not the answer for long term weight loss. For those looking to lose weight quickly, and keep it off for the long-term, Diet Doc announced new powerful prescription hormone treatments for weight loss, available nationwide by the country's most successful in-home weight loss provider.

Diet Doc's new prescription hormone treatments for weight loss are perfectly combined, by a licensed doctor, with the company's comprehensive weight loss system, coupling powerful prescription weight loss medication with a doctor designed and monitored diet plan. Each Diet Doc diet plan is individually tailored around each client depending on individual needs, body factors and goals, and provides each client with quick and lasting results regardless of specific factors that may have prevented weight loss in the past.

Because each diet plan is individually designed around each client's personal factors, the Diet Doc team can more effectively produce results and help any dieter overcome the hindrances that have prevented weight loss in the past.

With a solid foundation, compliments of new prescription hormone treatments for weight loss, Diet Doc can provide a comprehensive solution, each designed by expert doctors experienced in the weight loss field, to help each and every client effectively lose weight. The comprehensive Diet Doc diet plans can produce healthy results for those trying to rid themselves of the pesky final 10 pounds, or those who must lose substantial weight in order to restore lost health, prevent dangerous obesity related disease, and get back on track towards a healthy and long future. Most clients find themselves losing 20 pounds per month, without strenuous exercise or dangerous eating plans.

The way to begin a Diet Doc prescription weight loss plan is simple. Each new client is afforded a doctor evaluation, and each evaluation is performed via Skype or telephone, eliminating unnecessary travel and the high cost of walk-in weight loss clinics. New patients complete a confidential, online health and medical questionnaire to help the physician determine whether there are any internal imbalances or improperly functioning internal organ systems.

Once the patient's underlying cause of weight gain has been identified, the physician will recommend and prescribe the perfect balance of prescription hormone treatments for weight loss and a nutritionist designed diet plan to compliment the plan and help clients lose weight more effectively. All treatments are only prescribed by a licensed doctor, and are specifically formulated to work in harmony with the complete Diet Doc diet plans, helping to satiate hunger while boosting the metabolism for the best weight loss available.

Unlike competing prescription hormone diet plans, Diet Doc offers unlimited access to their staff of professional weight loss doctors, nutritionists and experts, six days per week. The company understands the struggles of weight loss and what a life-altering journey it is. The company thus makes staff available to answer any and all patient questions and concerns, adjust the individualized nutrition plan, or supplement weight loss with proprietary diet aids.

Call Diet Doc today and talk to a licensed doctor about truly effective weight loss.

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Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation's leader in medical weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

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