John Bankes Brings 20 Years Automotive Sales Expertise to Tweddle Group

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich., Jan. 8, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tweddle Group, a pioneering world leader in owner's and service information supporting the world's automakers today welcomed John Bankes as the company's new Chief Business Development Officer. Bankes boasts a stellar reputation in strategy and sales and his track record is a string of major success stories. Bankes brings a diverse background in technology, internet security and global consulting. He's known for his ability to assemble and motivate highly-skilled sales teams, and for delivering double-digit business growth year after year. His sales of complex value propositions sparked crucial growth in a wide range of industries and sectors.

Bankes specializes in automotive. He has deep experience with dealers, suppliers and OEMs. As Vice President of Sales for IHS Automotive, Bankes consistently exceeded sales targets and grew the business from $5M to over $100M in annual sales in less than 5 years. He also spearheaded IHS Automotive's purchase of R. L. Polk.

"This is a natural progression for me," Bankes says. With companies like UMI and IHS, Bankes shepherded massive stores of information into the digital age. "We turned paper revenue companies into digital revenue companies and underwent tremendous growth in the process. With Tweddle, the digital migration is very intriguing because there are so many ways to develop it. We can create incredible experiences for our clients and their customers, knowing the consumer wants it right now. The moment is prime."

Bankes says Tweddle's position is unique in the current technological landscape. "Working with [Chief Innovation Officer] Ty Beltramo, Paul Wilbur and [Chief Operations Officer] Brian Suszek in just this short amount of time, there are a lot of creative ideas and an unbelievable demand for what we do."

He sees Tweddle as a company with remarkable capacity for growth. "Tweddle's quality is second to none in the auto industry and their depth of vehicle knowledge is an intellectual property that doesn't exist anywhere else," he says. "This is a company that can go into an auto or motorcycle manufacturer and tell them, 'We can bundle your entire digital experience—the app, the touchscreen and the online experience—in an intelligent way, along with the printed user guide.' And we can take this 60 year knowledge base—unique unto us, that's the key—and leverage it into other businesses, in the digital age, and make it a global offering. That's very exciting."

"We're thrilled to have John Bankes on board," said Paul Wilbur, President and CEO of Tweddle Group. "He possesses all the strategic sensibility and focus you need from a sales executive, and he has deep roots in the automotive sector. John knows how to work in that world and how to grow new business opportunities. Tweddle sits at the forefront of a crucial evolutionary moment in the world of information. John can help us make the most of that transformation and the opportunities it represents."

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