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The most and least stressful jobs

Most and Least stressful jobs

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How does your job rank?

Life-threatening ... check. Long hours ... check. Strict deadlines ... check.

While most jobs entail some stress, the most extreme cases all share an element of danger, coupled with massive responsibility and unpredictable schedules, according to a report released Thursday by job-search site

Enlisted military, firefighters and airline pilots topped the list of most stressful jobs this year. On the flip side, tenured professors and hairstylists may lack some of the sex appeal, but thanks to a set schedule and job security, came out on top of the least stressful jobs around.

But regardless of the gig, "stress is unavoidable, no matter your line of work," said Kyle Kensing, CareerCast's online content editor.

"Stress is being felt a little bit more across all jobs, because all of us are connected 24/7," noted Glassdoor's career trends analyst Scott Dobroski. "You are one finger swipe away from work at any moment. It's a blessing and a curse when it comes to the workplace," he said.

The most and least stressful jobs were chosen from a CareerCast ranking of 200 jobs that took into account travel, growth potential, deadlines, physical demands and environmental conditions, among other factors.

So did your job make the list? Click ahead for the top 5 most stressful jobs and top 5 least stressful jobs for 2016.

— By Jessica Dickler,
Posted 9 January 2016

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