Broadway Vision Center at 170th Now Offering Advanced Retinal Scanning Technology

NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Broadway Vision Center at 170th has announced the acquisition of advanced retinal scanning technology. The new Optos retinal imaging devices provide more detailed and useful images. The equipment allows Dr. Charles Gold and his team to provide more advanced care to their patients. "We are very excited about procuring these new retinal scanning devices," said Dr. Gold. "This new technology will help us better serve our patients. From now on, we will be able to show patients very detailed images of their retinas, which will make it easier to explain various conditions and diagnoses to them," he added.

Retinal scans are a routine part of any checkup performed by an ophthalmologist. That's primarily because a variety of eye diseases and even many systemic diseases can be detected by the condition of the retina. The more precise a retinal scan is the better it is at detecting current and even future diseases. These scans therefore allow ophthalmologists to detect various issues early, which often make them easier to treat. In addition to detecting vision and eye diseases, retinal scans may indicate symptoms of systemic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Traditionally, retinal scans have been performed using ophthalmoscopes, which provide decent amounts of information for ophthalmologists and their teams. However, ophthalmoscopes only allow doctors to view about 10 degrees of the retina. This makes it more likely for conditions to fly under the radar, as they may not be detected early using such technology.

Optos retinal imaging devices represent a major advancement in the way in which retinas are scanned. Unlike ophthalmoscopes, which only provide 10-degree views of the retina, this technology provides 80-degree views in a single image. "In fact, these scans often provide more than 80-degrees of imaging," said Dr. Gold. Better still, this technology delivers high-resolution digital images that are easy to store for future use. Doctors are able to easily pull up previous scans to share with patients, which aid them in explaining diagnoses and conditions.

Dr. Gold and the team at Broadway Vision Center at 170th have already put the technology to use and believe that it is already enhancing their ability to care for patients. "During a routine exam, this technology allows us to obtain a baseline of a patient's retinal health," said Dr. Gold. Later, retinal images can be compared to new ones to determine if any deterioration has occurred. This also makes it easier for the doctor to detect potential issues with a patient's vision, eye health or overall health. "The images produced by these devices are truly remarkable," added Dr. Gold. "We are thrilled to be able to provide this exceptional service to our valued patients."

Broadway Vision Center at 170th is located in Washington Heights in New York City. To schedule appointments, patients can contact the clinic by calling 212-927-2020.

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