Dr. Donald Milione, Chiropractor, Combines Occupational Consulting and Ergonomics With Chiropractic Care

NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chiropractor Dr. Donald Milione is reminding Manhattan residents that ergonomics can help prevent injuries. Simple changes can make a big difference. Repositioning a computer keyboard, changing desk height, adjusting an office chair or changing pillow positions at night can all enhance ergonomics and spinal health in a profound way.

Dr. Donald Milione is the only chiropractor working in Manhattan, N.Y., who is certified as an occupational health consultant. He is a strong advocate of working smarter, not harder, so that quality of life is enhanced and future injuries can be prevented. Lumbar and cervical spine compression is often caused by caused by poor posture. However, many of these issues can be alleviated with chiropractic care and ergonomic adjustments. Back and/or neck pain on the job tend to respond to both treatment and better ergonomics.

Dr. Donald Milione, Chiropractor, provides immediate therapy for back and neck pain, which includes nerve conduction velocity studies, a review of X-rays and MRI studies and evaluation for carpal tunnel syndrome as well as checks for sciatica, wry neck condition and scoliosis.

Dr. Milione also places a focus on better ergonomics for a return to health as well as a stronger baseline strength going forward. Individuals who suffer from back, neck and spinal issues report immediate benefits from better ergonomics in the workplace as well as in the home environment. "Ergonomics refers to the science of product design and usage that helps people interact with frequently used environments more safely," explains Dr. Milione. "The workplace is a prime example. However, solid ergonomics is needed wherever there is repetitive motion that could result in overuse injuries."

The spinal column is the body's foundation, its core. A misalignment here affects the entire body, resulting in an increased risk of injury and pain. Poor posture can contribute to poor spinal alignment and vice versa. This can then cause a domino effect of injuries that can get worse as well as more painful over time.

Dr. Milione is determined to assist clients in getting out of this painful cycle. He provides expert chiropractic adjustments to help correct improper spinal alignment; however, he also places emphasis on occupational consulting in order to help clients make key ergonomic changes in the workplace or wherever repetitive use might be an issue. Changing one’s office setup and cultivating better daily habits can make a profound difference over time.

Dr. Donald P. Milione provides chiropractic care for accident recovery, workplace injuries, migraine/headache, pain management and more. His Upper East Side Manhattan office is located at 330 East 79th Street in New York City. To learn how better ergonomics along with chiropractic care can work for you, visit the Dr. Donald Milione, Chiropractor website or call 212-988-6900.

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Source: The Medical Offices of Dr.Donald P. Milione