PARIS, Jan. 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The shareholders' meeting of CGG was held today under the chairmanship of Mr Rémi Dorval, Chairman of the Board of directors.

Shareholders adopted all of the resolutions supported by the Board of directors, in particular the third resolution which, in accordance with the announcements made by CGG on 7 December 2015, delegated to the Board of directors the authority to decide to carry out a capital increase with preferential subscription rights in favour of holders of existing shares up to a maximum nominal amount of 350 million euros, as part of the implementation of the Transformation Plan[1].

CGG intends to launch this capital increase as soon as possible, subject to market conditions and to granting of a visa by the Autorité des marchés financiers on the corresponding prospectus.

The complete results of voting on the resolutions are available on the Group's website

About CGG:

CGG ( is a fully integrated Geoscience company providing leading geological, geophysical and reservoir capabilities to its broad base of customers primarily from the global oil and gas industry. Through its three complementary business Segments of Equipment, Acquisition and Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir (GGR), CGG brings value across all aspects of natural resource exploration and exploitation. CGG employs over 7,000 people around the world, all with a Passion for Geoscience and working together to deliver the best solutions to its customers.

CGG is listed on the Euronext Paris SA (ISIN: 0000120164) and the New York Stock Exchange (in the form of American Depositary Shares. NYSE: CGG).


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[1] The third resolution was adopted by a majority of 99.60% of shareholders present or represented.

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