San Diego Harley-Davidson Claims Lifetime Partnership with Dealer Spike

Portland, OR, Jan. 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dealer Spike is known for going the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction and make sure that every dealership client gets to see the vision for their website come to life. That story is no different for one of the largest new bike dealerships in the nation, in the top 1% of that category, San Diego Harley-Davidson.

Jen Miller, who owns the dealership with her husband Ty, had a very clear vision for how she wanted her dealership’s website to look and function. After her time spent browsing online, she realized that Dealer Spike was able to deliver. “It’s really interesting to see the different layouts that other dealerships have come up with on their sites, so we are always looking,” Miller explained. “We were consistently really impressed with every Dealer Spike website we saw. We loved the look and the feel of ease to them.”

During the design and build process, Dealer Spike’s support team spent additional time building custom code for an events page that Miller knew she wanted from the very beginning of the process. It features not only event information but also flyers that are clickable to coordinating Facebook pages and online event signup pages. “The customer service is just really incredible,” she says. “They delivered exactly what I asked for.”

Miller often uses the in-line editor tool, another feature that she noted as being a vast improvement compared to the tools from her previous website provider, to update the events page and other pages with frequent changes. The tool involves a simplified method that allows dealers to make live edits to the site and see how the changes look in real time. “It just makes everything way easier,” Miller says. “That’s my favorite thing about our site – it’s just so easy.”

Overall Miller and the rest of her team are completely satisfied with the end product and believe the site will contribute to even more of an increase in sales. “We’d love to get to that number one spot,” Miller says of her dealership’s ranking in the 650 top new bike dealers.

“Our website is the first way we reach our customer base. It reflects every aspect of our dealership and gives every message we want to send to our customers. It’s the most important tool we have for marketing our dealership,” Miller explains. “We have finally found a website provider that we feel confident saying we will be a customer of theirs for life. Our only regret is not signing on with them sooner!” 800.288.5917