Powerball: A guide to winning it (and spending it)

$1.5 billion could be yours, and it might only cost you $2 to get it.

Tempting, no?

The largest lottery in global history will be drawn Wednesday night, and the nation is captivated. Read CNBC's coverage of how to win it (and how to spend it once you've got it) below:

* How many tickets did you buy? And what will you buy first with the winnings?

* It's never too soon to be thinking ahead — the cash value alone would be $1.24 billion.

* It might seem like you could just buy all the combinations, but ...

* Going in with your co-workers? Make sure you're not making a $1.5 billion deal on the strength of a handshake.

* The cash option — what you get if you'd rather have a lump sum than an annuity — is now almost $1 billion itself!

* That $1.5 billion could be as little as $400-some million once federal, state, county and city tax authorities are done with you.

* The "Shark Tank" billionaire has some warnings about people who want a cut of the pie.

* Want a baseball team? Or a trip to the moon? A fun look at what more than $1 billion might get you.

* Playing certain numbers may actually enhance your chances of not having to split the pot with others.

* If you do win, do these things to protect yourself from those who might like to squeeze in on the action.

* New York state alone sold more than $1 million worth of tickets in just one hour leading up to the drawing.

* It's not just you, everyone wants a piece of the pie ...

* ... just make sure to check first to see if you actually, you know, won.