Go Global - Jia Ye's Commercials Appear on Nasdaq

BEIJING, Jan. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Abstract: When the whole world was still immersed in the joy of the New Year, Jia Ye’s advertising appeared on the Nasdaq Tower’s No. 1 Screen at the Times Square, New York (EST 8:18, Jan 6, 2016). The cartoon figures wearing gold rimmed glasses and in formal dress and hat look cute and amicable, the Chinese “Jia e Loan Gives You Stable Happiness” written in cursive fonts looked especially striking under the bright lights of Times Square, and the interesting advertisement with Chinese characteristics aroused wide attention of passers-by.

The commercials were produced by Jia Ye Company, a well-known domestic Internet financial information service platform. Founded in 2003 as one of the earliest specialized Internet financial information service providers integrating lending, loan information management, credit data reorganization and deal-making, Jia Ye creates and transfers credit and makes innovations to the value through its professional services team based on its advantages in resources, and is dedicated to helping more people enhance their credit value and helping its clients stably increase the value of their wealth by establishing a safe and stable Internet platform.

“Jia Ye Loan” appearing in the advertising refers to the Internet platform provided by Jia Ye which takes loan and lending intermediary service as its business model. “Giving you stable happiness” has always been the company’s philosophy, while the amicable cartoon figures are the personification of Jia Ye’s commitment: “Listen to clients, provide all-round asset allocation service for clients and serve as your wealth manager”.

Since the end of 2015, negative reporting on some informal platforms has appeared in media, leading the fledgling P2P Net loan industry which gained some recognition from the public into a swirl of negative publicity, and bearish voices have kept flowing in, putting the investors on edge. Jia Ye decided to run commercials on Nasdaq at this sensitive moment, no doubt it is a powerful response and demonstrates the self-confidence and strength of a lawful internet financial information service platform, as well as the positive views and expectations for the future of this sector .

The news of Jia Ye running advertising on Nasdaq was reported by more than 80 international media such as Reuters, Yahoo Finance and Wall Street Journal, and more than 30 mainstream local media including sina, sohu and people’s network, etc.

Jia Ye has been digging deep in risk control and sparing no efforts to improve its service, committed to public welfare to lay a solid foundation for future development with outstanding performance, and has gained recognition from independent authoritative agencies on many occasions. It was given the title of “The Most Trusted Internet Platform of China” by the first “China Internet Finance Innovation and Development Summit” in 2015 and its advertising was aired on CCTV twice in the same year, indicating Jia Ye’s strength and good brand effect.

It is, however, the first time for Jia Ye to run commercials at abroad. Nasdaq is seen as the “Number One Screen in the World” with an average annual tourists of 40 million and a traffic of 100 million persons-times. Being the “Landmark of New York” and the “Crossing of the World”, it has a very lofty position in the minds of the people of the United States and even people of the world, and many international high-end brands are displayed here every year. Nasdaq is one the best windows to “Catch the World’s Attention” and running advertisement on the world’s No. One Screen implies glory and achievement.

Jia Ye’s advertising on Nasdaq this time has not only demonstrated its strength and brand influence as well as its optimization and upgrading of the platform and brand strategy to the world, but also played an important role in enhancing the value and promoting the growth of Chinese enterprises with the accelerated pace of "globalization", injecting new vitality to the development of China’s Internet finance and Jia Ye’s growth.

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Source:Tianjin Jiaye Co., Ltd.