– Students graduate in three years by attending 75% of the time in residence and 25% online

BELMONT, N.C., Jan. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Belmont Abbey College announced today the Bishop Leo Haid Fellowship–a unique, new program that enables students to enjoy a full-time, quality, Catholic, liberal arts education in both residential and online environments. The Haid Fellowship students will graduate in three years and save more than 60% over the average cost of private college according to the College Board. (

The new curriculum is a unique blend of residential and online instruction that begins with a full-time summer semester on campus. The cohort of students will begin their college careers enrolled in courses that prepare them to think, communicate and problem solve. In addition to a full-time summer academic schedule, students will enjoy opportunities for community service, spiritual enrichment, leadership development and social activities like Adventure Days at the U.S. Whitewater Center, Friday Night Live in downtown Belmont, NC and much more.

Following the first summer, students will complete the Fall and Spring semesters online. Students will maintain their personal connections with faculty via virtual office hours, connect with Abbey clubs and friends via the net, and follow the Crusaders athletic teams via live streaming. "With the online classes, students will have the flexibility to work and save while still enrolled as a full-time student," said Dean of Admissions Nicole Focareto. "We also know many of our aspirant students think they'll have to go to a local public college to help reduce their investment. With the Haid Fellowship, students no longer need to do that, or worry about transferring credits. They can begin and end their college career at the Abbey."

During the second summer, the cohort reunites on campus with a full academic and extracurricular schedule, as they welcome a new group of Haid Fellowship students. When summer ends, students will be ready to declare their major and move to campus full-time. Based on their academic performance, they may qualify for other scholarships as Juniors. At the end of 15 months, most students will be four semesters away from graduation. Over and above saving more than 60% on their total college education costs, the Haid Fellowship also offers payment plans to meet the needs of students and their families. Students can further reduce their cost if they qualify for various state and federal grants.

About Belmont Abbey College: Founded in 1876, Belmont Abbey College is a private, Catholic, baccalaureate and liberal arts institution. Our mission is to educate students in the liberal arts and sciences so that in all things God may be glorified. Guided by the Catholic intellectual tradition and the Benedictine spirit of prayer and learning, we welcome a diverse body of students and provide them with an education that will enable them to lead lives of integrity, to succeed professionally, to become responsible citizens, and to be a blessing to themselves and to others. Our beautiful and historic campus is conveniently located just 10 miles west of Charlotte, N.C., and is currently home to more than 1500 students. For more information, visit

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