mXP Reveals Diet and Exercise and Money Management Are Top Picks for 2016 New Year's Resolutions

RHINEBECK, N.Y., Jan. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phoenix Marketing International (, a global marketing research firm, today revealed new insights from the company's mobile insights platform, mXP. When asking users about which resolutions they're most likely to be focusing on, 22% said diet and exercise, 15% said money and finance management, 11% home organization and DIY projects, 9% personal relationships and 9% work/life balance. Only 3% said smoking cessation and 3% alcohol consumption reduction.

Respondents gave mixed responses in relation to health concerns. "It was interesting to find that while some aspects of health were top priority for respondents (diet and exercise), other important aspects of a healthy lifestyle were last on our respondents list (smoking cessation and alcohol reduction)," said Katherine DiPlacito, Research Analyst for mXP.

Of those who selected money management as a resolution:
· 25% had a HHI of $25-50K;
· 22% were making less than $25K;
· 19% were making $50-75K;
· 18% were making 100k plus;
· Those making $75-100k were the least concerned at 16%.

Of those respondents, 27% were ages 18-34, 30% were 35-44, 28% were 45-54, and 13% were 65+.

"We see a decline in concern with money management as household incomes get higher, and then a slight upturn in the 100+ range. Household income of 75-100k seems to be the sweet spot-- these people were the least likely to mark finance/money management as a resolution," continued Katherine DiPlacito. "We also see a trend with age; money management was a higher priority for younger respondents."

For female respondents, 23% said diet and exercise were a top priority, 20% said they would not be making a resolution, 15% said money and finance management. For male respondents, 27% said they would not be making a resolution, 19% said diet and exercise, 14% said money and finance management. Men and women differed slightly in the fourth most common resolution-- 12% of women said home organization would be a priority whereas 10% of men said personal relationships would be on their list.. Reducing alcohol consumption came in last place for both men and women at only 3% of respondents marking this a resolution in the New Year.

Additional detail around gender and household income are available. Contact to schedule an interview and learn more.

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