Prophecy Healthcare Launches HCAHPS Nursing Education Module

BOSTON, Jan. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prophecy Healthcare, the leading provider of validated clinical assessments, today launched a new educational resource, HCAHPS Primer for Nursing. By educating providers on their role in ensuring a high-quality patient experience, this resource helps hospitals thrive in a value-based purchasing environment.

"Healthcare organizations' bottom lines are negatively impacted when healthcare providers have weak interpersonal and communication skills," said Felicia Sadler, MJ BSN RN CPHQ, APS' Vice President of Quality & Performance. "Helping improve nurses' interpersonal skills at the bedside will translate into higher reimbursements and better patient outcomes."

Appropriate for new applicants and incumbent staff alike, the HCAHPS Primer for Nursing educates nurses on the patient experience and regulatory components of the value-based purchasing model, which links payments to outcomes. It focuses on developing the skills that most frequently influence a patients' perception of care, including physician and nurse communication to patients and families, staff responsiveness, and safe medication administration.

The HCAHPS dimensions covered in the module include:

  • communication with nurses & doctors
  • responsiveness of staff
  • pain management
  • cleanliness and quietness of hospital
  • communication about medications
  • discharge information

"In an increasingly competitive and complex market, it is essential to have practical solutions available for organizations to help them transform their workforce culture," said Ron Gonzalez MS BSN, Founder and President of Prophecy Assessments. "Prophecy continues to augment its validated competency testing library with learning modules to aid hospital with education initiatives."

About Prophecy Healthcare©, Inc.

The Prophecy approach to employee testing helps organizations select care providers with the clinical competencies, situation-specific interpersonal skills and behavioral sensibilities directly linked to successful nursing practice. These assessment results then provide nursing leaders with the foundational tool and personalized reports to understand the specific competencies of each clinician joining their team giving them the evidence to make better hiring decisions and to tailor orientation and onboarding programs more effectively.

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