The unique eating habit that's costing millennials

Invest in fresh: Ingredients matter

Millennials are weird. They actually want their food to be … healthy.

Even when it comes to fast food, studies show it's a generation that, by and large, values quality over price and convenience, and they're willing to pay a little extra for a burrito made with organic ingredients.

So long as it still tastes good.

Restaurants, despite an increase in operational costs, are paying closer attention to ingredients and origin — which is to say that people are still hungry for fried chicken, just so long as the chicken was happy.

Roaming freely. Preferably on a range.

In fact, a 2014 Consumer Reports reader survey found that when it comes to overall satisfaction, some of the traditional big names in the fast- and low-end food markets are struggling to keep up with more progressive competitors.

For example, Chipotle and In-N-Out scored higher with consumers than Taco Bell and McDonald's.

The same trends are being seen in more upscale establishments, where restaurants feel that consumers will gladly pay a little more to feel good about their meal.

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