Making First International Debut in Times Square

BEIJING, Jan. 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Boyin made its first international debut through NASDAQ screen, Times Square in New York (EST 9:55, Jan 4, 2016). Boyin, a Yunnan-based Chinese silver handcraft maker, wishes to show the image of a dedicated and skillful Chinese handcraft maker and to represent all dedicated and skillful made-in-China manufacturers on a broader stage. Boyin’s appearance in New York, not only showcases the muscle of Chinese manufacturers, but also answers to the call of “Chinese enterprises going global ” in the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Times Square in Manhattan New York is known as the crossroad of the world. The Square, visited by hundreds of thousands of people every day and 450 million of person/times every year, is the most ideal place to catch the world’s eyeballs. The Square, with nearly 40 large department stores and cinemas, is a bustle and hustle center for shopping and entertainment in USA. This unique advantage attracts many prestigious international brands such as Coco Cola, Chanel and Dior to advertise here all year round. Also, international news media including ABC have their studios and news centers here. With a huge visitor flow and an iconic status, Times Square always draws the eyeballs of the whole world.

Yunnan, a province where lives a largest variety of minority ethnic groups in China, has rich ethnic cultural heritage. Among these minority ethnic groups, Bo people is best known for its outstanding and exquisite workmanship of silver crafts. Through its existence for over two thousand years, Bo people has accumulated resplendent cultural traditions and unique silver workmanship. The original ecological culture is not only a symbol of an old, mysterious civilization, but also the lifeblood of Bo people. By carrying forward ethnic traditions and ethnic arts, Bo people wishes to contribute to the robust growth of Yunnan Province.

Boyin, headquartered in the permanent spring-like city of Kunming in Yunnan, is a conglomerate of companies in different business formats and respectively engaged in different industries in different areas in the province. Boyin started up with silver handcraft production and has extended to silver handcraft retailing, chain store management, catering, tourist spot development, green farming, low-carbon industries, minority ethnic handcraft R&D and production, resort management, etc. Boyin is devoted to upholding to Bo’s traditional culture and to enriching Bo’s silver handcrafts. Boyin strives to be a leader in original silver handcraft production in Yunnan and to make Yunnan silver handcrafts more popular in the world.

NASDAQ screen on the landmark building in Times Square serves as a window to the world. This is why more and more Chinese companies come to advertise here and to let their brand names widely known. On the occasion of the New Year, Boyin appeared on NASDAQ screen, delivering a warm greeting from a centuries-old but energetic minority ethnic group in China. Boyin, following Gree, Huawei, Tmall, Wuliangye, ZTgame, TsingTao Beer and Gome, is another Chinese national brand showcased on NASDAQ screen in Times Square, New York.

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