Rongtonghuixin Group Co., Ltd Are Launching Into the Fast Track of Development

BEIJING, Jan. 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As we know P2P industry is blooming in china, and the company was coasting on the enormous success of its own P2P business, annual output value has reached ¥2400,000,000.

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Rongtonghuixin Group Co., Ltd was founded in 2012, the company itself has been ranked to No. 2 of the internet financial industry of China after just 3 years rapid development.

By means of the opportunities of microloan industry development, as well as the government's decision-making mechanism, the company’s business includes wealth management consulting, small and micro loan advice, credit risk assessment, credit risk management, platform transactions contributed to business as a whole, covering the whole country, including northwest, north, Central, northeast and other regions, more than 50 main cities in the country, with almost one hundred branches and 4500 employees.

2014, with the aid of development of China's domestic Internet finance business, our company has launched online platform named ”A Pengdai”, and just two years, the average annual turnover has reached ¥484,000,000, in the context of the overall downturn in the domestic capital market, Rongtonghuixin Group Co., Ltd made an impressive success.

President of Rongtonghuixin group Co., Ltd., "We always follow the ideal of 'with excellent performance oriented promoting management improvement', 'to the financial control as the starting point to improve the quality of management', 'to the human resources management to ensure driving the transformation and upgrading' as our principle."

The rapid development of enterprises relies on innovation. Continue to explore new markets and new business models, to achieve brand differentiation, in order to enhance customer awareness of the company's corporate culture, in order to continue to create a unique economic value in the market.

Mr Chunping Li, the president of Rongtonghuixin Group Co., Ltd, 45 years old, born in Yan an City, Shanxi Province. He grew up by the red culture disseminated, read the quotations from Chairman Mao, listened to the patriotic songs. He has been always hard working, and has developed the down-to-earth style of work, with excellent leadership. He brought the spirit of never be afraid of neither hardship, nor death, "Red Cultural" tradition of hard struggle into the soul of company development.

In 2013, Rongtonhuixin Group Co., Ltd officially joined the China microfinance alliance, the company was elected to the Executive Committee of the P2P industry for three years consecutively. In early 2015, the company successfully joined the China Electronic Commerce association which is under the State Ministry of industry and Commerce and approved to establish the Internet investment management advisory committee.

This year, Company has increased its capital up to 4 billion yuan which successful became the list company of new four boards, became China's first group of Private P2P enterprise into the capital market.

Rongtonghuixin Group Co., Ltd started to accelerate the pace of international development, and launched in-depth cooperation with Mongolia CISLLC company.

In 2016, Rongtonghuixin Group Co., Ltd determined to enter the international market, seeking a deep and extensive cooperation, to meet the unprecedented development of the international capital market.

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