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Want to retire abroad? Try these 10 hot spots

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Combining exoticism with economy

Getting ready to relocate in retirement but think Florida's just not far away — or exotic — enough for you? Or are you too cash-strapped after throwing in the career towel to continue living in the manner to which you have become accustomed? Either way, relocation outside the 50 states might be the right answer for you.

Combining exoticism with economy, foreign retirement meccas are drawing ever more Americans south — and west and east — of the border. International Living magazine has compiled its 2016 list of "World's Top 10 Retirement Havens." CNBC.com shares the publication's top 10 picks — which exhibit a definite Latin and Asian bias— adding our own commentary and some cost-of-living (including rent) data for 2016 from Numbeo.com.

— By Kenneth Kiesnoski, CNBC.com
Posted 15 January 2016

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