Advanced Eyecare Center’s Manhattan Beach Location Now Offering MYKITA Frames

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., Jan. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advanced Eyecare Center is an authorized dealer of the internationally renowned MYKITA Eyewear. Although MYKITA eyewear has been available at their Redondo Beach location for some time, now, Advanced Eyecare Center is proud to announce that it is also offering MYKITA frames at its location in Manhattan Beach. MYKITA Eyewear provides clean, modern frame designs for men, women and children. These easy to wear frames feature a hingeless design; thus, eliminating the need for welded joints or screws. Furthermore, MYKITA frames are not only extremely light, but durable as well.

Despite the fact that MYKITA has its own retail boutiques strewn throughout major cities like New York, Paris, Vienna, Tokyo and Zurich, select Eyewear boutiques that meet the high standards set forth by MYKITA may also become authorized MYKITA dealers. As one of these privileged boutiques, Advanced Eyecare Center is proud to be one of MYKITA’s authorized dealers.

Dr. Michael Hansen states that, “We want our clients to have the best products available, which is why MYKITA’s top quality materials, handcrafted, hingeless design, wide array of styles and colors led us to request authorized dealer status. Although we have offered MYKITA Eyewear products at our Redondo Beach location for some time, we are happy to extend MYKITA Eyewear products to the clients at our Manhattan Beach location as well."

According to Dr. Hansen, "MYKITA offers Men uniquely designed, fashionable Sunglass and Eyeglass collections. These collections appeal to men who are interested in standing out, as well as to men who are in need of a stylish, earth tone frame, which offers a more sophisticated look. Vivid shades to help a man standout include deep purple, fuchsia and sky blue; whereas, earth tones range from black to graphite and sand to clay."

Dr. Hansen says, "Whether a woman is looking for a pair of lively frames to show off her fun-loving personality or needs a less lively pair of frames to look professional at the office, MYKITA offers the stylish frames with the soft edges and curves that she needs. MYKITA’s frames in lively colors range from bright red to blue, pink, turquoise and fuchsia. Earth tone frames range from honey to chocolate brown, burgundy and slate gray."

Besides offering comprehensive annual eye exams, contact lens fittings and top-of-the-line eyewear products for men, women and children, Advanced Eyecare Center also offers eye exams to diagnose glaucoma, cataracts, as well as other eye conditions.

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Source: Advanced Eyecare Center