Atlas Orthogonal Adjustments are Key to Successful Pain Relief, Says Back To Health Family Chiropractic

FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Back To Health Family Chiropractic announced a “New Year, New You” program to help patients get a healthy start to the New Year. For patients who are suffering from chronic back pain and neck pain, Atlas Orthogonal adjustments are a key component of this program. These adjustments target the top vertebra in the spine, alleviating nerve interference for natural pain relief and enhanced whole body health. Ft. Worth chiropractor Dr. Chris Michlin is the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist in North Texas. “With the start of the new year, we are encouraging patients to explore drug-free pain relief and elimination treatment options,” said chiropractor Dr. Chris Michlin. “This includes Atlas Orthogonal adjustments, which are a revolutionary approach to pain relief and whole body health.”

An Atlas Orthogonal adjustment is a specialized type of chiropractic adjustment that targets the atlas vertebra, the top bone in the spine that is located at the base of the skull. A misalignment in the atlas vertebra can lead to a host of health problems.

According to Dr. Michlin, when this vertebra is improperly aligned, nervous system impulses from the brain to the rest of the body are interrupted, which can cause pain and affect a host of bodily and system functions. A communication breakdown can occur between the brain and the body and the body and the brain. When the atlas vertebra is out of alignment, some common health problems can include headaches/migraines, neck and facial pain, as well as general poor health. “Atlas Orthogonal adjustments are different from other types of chiropractic adjustments,” said Dr. Michlin. “Individuals who have previously sought chiropractic care for pain relief but who have been dissatisfied with the results may still benefit from Atlas Orthogonal adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments address many different parts of the spine; Atlas Orthogonal adjustments, however, focus exclusively on the atlas vertebra, the underlying cause for many health and pain problems.”

With Atlas Orthogonal adjustments, Dr. Michlin emphasized that there is no “cracking” or “popping” to the vertebra. Dr. Michlin uses the Atlas Orthogonal Precision Adjusting Instrument. The instrument is gentle and specific. A precise tap behind the ear brings the atlas into correct alignment.

Atlas Orthogonal adjustments are beneficial for patients with a wide variety of pain and health conditions, including sciatica, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, autism and multiple sclerosis (MS), reports Dr. Michlin. Dr. Michlin is the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor in North Texas. He treats patients from across Texas and the United States, with some patients traveling from as far as Honduras to seek his care.

Back To Health Family Chiropractic provides comprehensive upper cervical and full spine chiropractic care, including Atlas Orthogonal adjustments, for the treatment of back pain, neck pain, neurological conditions, headache/migraine relief, pain management and whole body wellness care. Health coaching, food sensitivity testing, and weight loss/nutrition counseling are also available.

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