Companion Care Veterinary Hospital Available for Wide Range of Animals

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Companion Care Veterinary Hospital recently opened its doors in San Diego, offering new care options for area pets. Veterinarian Dr. Michalena Satowski and the rest of the staff at the Bernardo Center Drive clinic have extensive training in many types of animals, and are looking forward to meeting local pets – and their owners. Dr. Satowski has been working with animals for nearly 30 years, including several years volunteering at animal rescue stations. “We don’t want to say that there’s nothing that we’ve haven’t seen, because we’re never sure what kind of pets will come in each day and what kind of care they’ll need,” said Dr. Satowski. “But we do like being ready for just about anything, from dogs and cats to more exotic animals.”

Companion Care Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of enhanced health and wellness services, including spaying and neutering, dental care, dermatology, vaccinations and surgery. Specialized treatments are also available, including ultrasound, acupuncture, and cold laser therapy. The staff wants to make the process of “going to the vet” as comfortable as possible, instead of something that may be scary and threatening. Where some clinics may have stark surroundings and bright lights, effort has been put into creating an environment that’s more tranquil and secure, including soothing and subdued colors.

Dr. Satowski and the staff also make sure they spend plenty of time with every patient and their owners, rather than trying to see how many animals can be treated in a day. “One of our prime goals is for every client and patient to leave happy, and with all their questions answered,” she said. “We especially like spending at least an hour with new patients to talk about their behavior, their diet, their activity and other parts of their overall health and lifestyle.”

This discussion also includes a focus on preventative care: giving “pet parents” the tools to help them live long, healthy lives, with as little pain as possible. Wellness checks can look for early signs of possible conditions or illnesses – early diagnoses and interventions can often help avoid more pain later.

Dr. Satowski, a former high school valedictorian, graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in biology from California State University – Fresno. She completed coursework for a master’s in zoology and was accepted to a master’s/doctoral program at the University of Hawaii. She graduated with honors from University of California – Davis, where she received her veterinary doctor degree. She also worked on the Oncology Registry at UC Davis’ nuclear medicine department, along with its CT scans and the feline iodine 131 project, and later volunteered her veterinary services to animal rescue stations in Fresno County. Finally, she worked at Fresno’s Chaffee Zoo.

Companion Care Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of veterinary services for pets in the San Diego area. For more information visit or call (858) 451-0990.

Companion Care Veterinary Hospital, (858) 451-0990

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