Senft Chiropractic of Atlanta is Now Treating Pain Related to Tech Equipment Use

ATLANTA, Jan. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seasoned Chiropractor Dr. Craig Senft is now assisting individuals who are suffering pain associated with tech equipment use. Tech equipment related conditions include laptopneuralgia, cellphoniccervicalgia and tabletarthrosis. These conditions are caused by having poor posture while using laptops, cell phones and tablets. Dr. Senft states, “Even though poor posture has always been of concern, the use of tech equipment on a daily basis has brought about these new, problematic and painful conditions [laptopneuralgia, cellphoniccervicalgia and tabletarthrosis] that are initiated by bad posture. While we all enjoy using these innovative devices, the spinal irregularities that result from continually having poor posture need to be addressed; otherwise, pain is inevitable.”

Although technological equipment can make our everyday tasks simpler, people everywhere are dealing with conditions related to improper posture while using their beloved laptops, cell phones and tablets. Many of us use these electronics to make online payments to the pool guy; to stay in contact with our family, friends and business associates no matter where we are (whether we like it or not); as a means of entertainment while we wait to board a plane, a train or an automobile in an attempt to make it home for Thanksgiving dinner in Chicago. Nothing is perfect, which is why techies throughout Atlanta are suffering with laptopneuralgia, cellphoniccervicalgia and tabletarthrosis.

Laptopneuralgia is caused by improper posture while spending time working, playing games or surfing the Internet on a laptop. This condition causes individuals to suffer with neck pain, headaches, as well as a tingling sensation that radiates down the arms and into the hands. Just like laptopneuralgia, tabletarthrosis is initiated from spending an extended amount of time on a tablet, activities may include online shopping, writing emails or reading celebrity gossip. Symptoms of tabletarthrosis are identical to those suffered by individuals with laptopneuralgia.

According to Pew Research Center's most recent smart phone study, 65 percent of individuals in the U.S. use smart phones; therefore, even individuals who do not necessarily consider themselves a techie frequently suffer with cellphoniccervicalgia. This condition can be caused by using improper posture while texting, playing games, watching videos and surfing the Internet on a cell phone. Symptoms of cellphoniccervicalgia are also identical to those suffered by individuals with laptopneuralgia and tabletarthrosis.

At Senft Chiropractic of Atlanta, Dr. Craig A. Senft offers individuals non-invasive options for pain management and injury rehabilitation. Dr. Senft and his chiropractic care team are dedicated to freeing Atlanta patients from chronic pain.

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