The Omni Wellness Center Offers a New Cutting-Edge Weight Loss Program

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Omni Wellness Center is excited to introduce a new weight loss program that not only helps individuals reduce their weight, but also delivers the right mix of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other nutrients for a healthy body. The Omni Wellness Center weight loss program was developed in a partnership with Transformations, which has a track record of helping many different individuals lose weight and achieve their fitness goals.

The weight loss program begins with Omni team members, led by Dr. Darcey Walraven Ladner, first asks health-based questions. The answers determine which nutritional program will work best based on an individual’s current weight, age, lifestyle, health goals and many other factors. The plan is flexible, which allows for a custom-tailored fit for each person. While results vary, most male patients lose an average of 31 pounds while women lose an average of 15 to 20 pounds. The goal is not just to lose weight, but to lose weight in a healthy manner. That means obtaining enough calories to sustain activity, eating the right foods to fight off cravings, and eating foods that deliver the right nutrients for a healthy body.

The Omni weight loss plan is designed to deliver the right mix of protein and carbohydrates through three meals a day. The meals are designed to make patients feel full while keeping an eye to reducing their overall calorie intake. In addition, patients will drink four protein power beverages between meals, which are rich in amino acids, vitamins, and essential minerals to keep them energized as they work towards their weight loss goals. The meal program is not a crash and burn diet which will sap a person’s energy, which can lead to overeating. Instead, it’s designed to provide focus and drive. As a result, those who have unsuccessfully tried other weight loss programs will enjoy the program as much as newcomers.

The program is also designed to educate each patient about healthy eating choices for a lifetime. The Omni wellness team demonstrates how easy it is to eat natural foods loaded with the right nutrients, and provides strategies for avoiding pre-packaged food that often contains dangerous chemicals and additives. Many patients are unaware of how their eating choices have been negatively impacting their body for years. That’s why this program is especially helpful for people who are suffering from complications like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and obesity.

The meal program is also designed to control blood sugar, and as patients lose weight, they will see that certain key health indicators, like blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and cholesterol all improve over time. Once the program is finished, patients often approach eating and nutrition from an entirely new viewpoint, which will allow them to stay slim and healthy over the years.

Omni Wellness Center, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is led by Dr. Darcey Walraven Ladner, and offers chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, nutrition programs, and other services to improve patient health.

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