3D TuTuShiZi Debuts on Nasdaq

BEIJING, Jan. 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When the whole world was still immersed in joy and excitement of the New Year, 3D TuTuShiZi, a product of learning Chinese characters from China made its debut on the screen of Nasdaq at Times Square, New York (EST 9:50, Jan 4, 2016), it immediately aroused wide attention of passers-by from all over the world, especially the group of overseas Chinese, it also becomes the first Chinese brand of learning Chinese characters appears on NASDAQ advertisement screen, which sparked a wave of media coverage from over 100 Chinese and foreign media.

Times Square is "The Crossroads of the World" and a window to the world which draws global attention, there are approximately 500,000 people passing through daily. It is a great choice to expand national brand influence for Chinese enterprises. 3D TuTuShiZi shows on the world, reflecting the mission of national brand to spread the culture of Chinese characters.

It is reported that learning English in China is easy to lead to a phenomenon "dumb English". On the contrary, most descendants of overseas Chinese are "illiterate" who are able to speak Chinese but cannot read or write. Many overseas Chinese expressed that it is difficult for their children to learn Chinese characters, 3D TuTuShiZi as a China invention solves the problem that confused Chinese for many years by taking the power of science and High-tech and converting the process of learning English and Chinese into funny game.

3D TuTuShiZi creatively applies AR technology and mixes "Internet plus education" together with "Internet plus publishing". Different from common AR products, 3D TuTuShiZi takes the function of mastering Chinese character as its main feature, no matter from painting and writing to scanning 3D animation, listening and repeating in English and Chinese, ancient rhymes, nursery rhymes and so on which have involved Chinese cultural element among it,in addition to scene emersion, it has increased the function of original reading, human-computer interaction, 3D TuTuShiZi makes learners comprehend the beauty of Chinese characters and culture from abstract to concrete by using 3D animation to show scenes and moral, "Mastery of Chinese in 1 min." makes Chinese characters "move" and turns the process of learning Chinese characters into simple and funny game.

All nationalities in the world have its own culture, but most of them use linear character, only Chinese characters is square character. Chinese characters reflect the uniqueness of Chinese culture for its special and outstanding charm. With a long history, extensive and profound content, the system of Chinese culture still grows strong and never stop. The core that integrates the culture is Chinese characters.

The subtlety of Chinese is that most Chinese characters are rooted into the Chinese culture, and it is called "one character, one state". Yan Gongda,CPPCC member, vice-chairman of Chinese Calligrapher's Association, Consultant of Chinese characters calligraphy art committee of National Museum of Chinese Writing, said, "Chinese characters is the gene of Chinese nation, Chinese characters culture is the spiritual pursuit of Chinese nation. Only keeping Chinese character alive can history and the whole nation be reserved."

The overseas Chinese, messengers of Chinese culture, are China's "face" and "seed", they are rooted in foreign countries and visually convey Chinese cultural spirit. However, there are still many Chinese descendants, especially second and third generation who are born and grow up in foreign countries, they fully accept a foreign education and face an entirely different culture, in this way, most of them cannot read much about Chinese characters, seldom has the ability to write or read. Lacking of the ability of reading is harmful for them to fully understand the richness and exquisiteness of Chinese cultures, moreover, it's hard to keep the root of Chinese culture. Overseas Chinese have said 3D TuTuShiZi will greatly improve the "illiterate" situation of Chinese descendants.

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