3GTMS Continues to Deliver on Strategy

SHELTON, Conn., Jan. 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 3GTMS, creators of 3G-TM Transportation Management Software (TMS) continues to deliver value on plan with the release of 3G-TM version 15.0. This release continues to deliver on the strategy of empowering users of all types with enhanced tools for optimization, decision support, administrative and financial functions.

Featured Highlights include:

Shared Savings Programs - Shared savings programs are often used by Logistics Service Providers as a means of sharing cost savings or profit with their customers. 3G-TM calculates an allocated “share” of savings for each billing shipment on a Load. The savings share may either be deducted from individual billing transactions or will be stored in 3G-TM for reporting purposes and periodic management outside of 3G-TM.

Rating API Security - The Rating API adheres to client role type security as well as to field-level permissions as defined in the 3G-TM permission groups and roles. The API will filter responses to only return contracts and data elements that adhere to the security permissions associated with the requestor’s user credentials.

Shipment Level Sell-Side Rating & Billing - Maximum flexibility to take advantage of savings by rating a consolidated shipment as a single transaction while still invoicing for each order individually. Likewise, users may choose to rate orders individually but invoice as a consolidated shipment.

Sell-side rating adheres to Routing Guides - Routing Guides may be applied to sell-side rating requests that occur before Load planning. This ensures that rates and routing options that would be prevented by the Routing Guide in the planning process would be ineligible for assignment to quotes and orders prior to planning. The feature can be configured such that authorized users may still view and assign rate and routing options that are not compliant to the routing guide.

Print BOL action - Supporting our commitment to provide more streamlined workflow and usability, 3G-TM provides for an action on Loads that allows users to quickly generate a Bill of Lading document that is specific to the client, carrier and mode of the Load with a single action. The default Bill of Lading template for the client, mode and carrier will be automatically generated and presented to the user. Additionally, alternative Bill of Lading templates are still available and may be generated through the pre-existing generate BOL feature.

Technical Enhancements & Upgrades:

Technology Upgrades to use the following framework component versions:
• Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition
• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6
• Java 8

Migration Considerations - Logon and Landing Page images previously stored in the file system on the server are being migrated to the database. Trading Partner logo images are already stored in the database and are not affected by this migration.

Caching - 3G-TM supports caching to enable improved system wide performance. A default cache configuration is provided, however, optimal configuration will vary with each deployment based on various factors ranging from hardware, system confirmation, and transactional volumes.

Internet Explorer 11 - Internet Explorer is supported with the 15.0.0 release. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are fully supported browsers.

About 3GTMS

3GTMS delivers order to settlement transportation management software (3G-TM) for shippers, brokers and 3PLs focusing on simplifying the process of complex transportation management. Built as a single system, 3G-TM manages the full transportation lifecycle including: rating, routing (including multi-stop and pool distribution optimization), tendering, tracking, tracing and settlement. 3G-TM transportation software provides embedded optimization allowing you make better shipping decisions that harness opportunities and address daily challenges. Deployment options include on premise, hosted and SaaS, all of which enable transportation teams to make better decisions, harness new opportunities, achieve cost savings, streamline processes and address the daily challenges of transportation.

For more information, visit: www.3GTMS.com, sales@3GTMS.com or call us at 1.203.513.9336.

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