Alliance BioEnergy Provides Update on Continued Validation Regarding Its CTS (Cellulose-to-Sugar) Project While Simultaneously Providing Response to Uniformed and Erroneous Commentary Circulating on Blog and Various Social Media Channels

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Jan. 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc. (OTCQB:ALLM) (the "Company"), would like to provide clarity for shareholder benefit regarding its belief that that negative misinformation is being deliberately published by certain individuals for their own selfish gains and/or improper share trading purposes. Some of the impish and uninformed commentary regarding the Company relates to subsidiary Ek Laboratories and the pilot plant. These deliberately provocative remarks lack knowledge, credibility or qualified opinion. In reality they are unenlightened and disrespect the qualifications, experience, technical expertise and ethics of the scientists and senior management that have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of viable renewable energies.

CTS Pilot Line

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

The Company would not normally address such transparently deceptive commentary, but feels the negative impact on the Company and its bona-fide, long-term shareholders deserves a specific response to correct these false and misleading claims.

Investors are reminded that Carbolosic, LLC, an affiliate of the Company, holds the exclusive worldwide license to the CTS process, which consists of three (3) issued patents and fifteen (15) filed and pending patents, held by the University of Central Florida (“UCF”). The CTS technology was both invented and developed by Dr. Richard Blair at UCF in conjunction with the University, over a period of many years prior to the involvement of Carbolosic and Alliance BioEnergy.

The CTS technology converts virtually any cellulose material into commercial grade sugars, fine chemicals and other highly valuable products through its unique mechanical chemistry process. The CTS process has been independently verified and published in numerous scientific journals by such prestigious institutions as the Max Planck Institute (Albert Einstein Institute) in Germany and the University of Queensland, in Australia.

Over the past 12 months, the technology has been further perfected and advanced from lab scale to commercial scale at the Company’s wholly owned development facility, Ek Laboratories located in Longwood, Florida. Under the direction of Dr. Richard Blair, Dr. Peter Cohen (Analytical Director) and Dr. Zhillin Xie (Mechanical Engineering Director). Ek Labs operates the CTS pilot reactor and fully equipped analytical laboratories.

“Mechanical chemistry is a relatively new science, not understood by most seasoned chemists let alone the average lay person,” said Dr. Richard Blair. He went on to say, “Here at Ek we are operating a pilot reactor in an industrial environment. This is a working laboratory and research center, not a pretty demonstration site with iPads and glass walls. We discovered a new way of breaking down virtually any cellulose without using liquid acids, enzymes or applied heat and pressure, which allows us to make the cheapest cellulose sugars on the market.”

Based on comprehensive assessments conducted by the Company and by independent authorities, the CTS process can produce those products, at price levels significantly less than other known methods. Recent detailed evaluations have further established that the Company’s cellulose to ethanol process has a substantial pricing advantage compared to other known or similar ethanol production facilities both in terms of Capex (capital expenditure) and Opex (operating expenditures).

The Company respectfully suggests that genuine shareholders and prospective investors follow company reports and avoid placing too much importance and/or belief in the unfounded gossip and hostile rumors circulated by parties with questionable and self-interested motives. Contact information for investor relations is listed below and Management and actual company information can be found at

About ALLM:

Alliance BioEnergy +, Inc. (“ALLM”) (OTCQB:ALLM), is a publicly traded company focusing on “Green” energy and renewable technologies. ALLM’s subsidiaries focus on emerging technologies in the renewable energy, bio-fuels and new technologies sectors. ALLM owns a fifty percent interest in Carbolosic, LLC, and the exclusive rights to North America (including Canada, U.S. and Mexico) and Africa. Carbolosic holds the exclusive, worldwide license to the patented mechanical/chemical technology, “CTS™” developed by the University of Central Florida. The CTS Cellulose Ethanol technology is able to produce a high quality clean burning Ethanol from virtually any plant material cheaper, quicker and without any hazardous inputs.

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