Aprenita Launches First-of-its-Kind Capital-as-a-Service Financing Platform for Mobile App Developers

NEW YORK, Jan. 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aprenita today announced availability of the first-of-its-kind Capital-as-a-Service platform financing platform for mobile app developers. Available to all US-based app development businesses monetizing mobile apps through app stores and ad networks, Aprenita delivers capital in as little as 48 hours. The Aprenita system is uniquely suited to fund companies that are investing specifically in marketing and user acquisition, which are the primary means of growth for the majority of its customers.

Current statistics show there are well over half a million active mobile developers publishing apps in app stores, and very few can expect to raise money from traditional sources of capital. Equity investors like Angels or VCs will fund less than 5% of the companies they see and require founders to give away control and meaningful ownership in exchange for their investment. For companies looking to grow without giving away equity, banks and online lenders might provide an alternative, but they generally focus on traditional brick-and-mortar businesses as they lack the tools and domain expertise to assess the creditworthiness of mobile app companies.

Aprenita is led by a team of entrepreneurial tech executives and mobile app investors with extensive experience building their own startups and raising funding from a variety of different sources, giving them a unique perspective on the needs of the customer and the economics of specialized financing solutions.

“Mobile app developers represent a new and valuable class of SMBs, but those that have been fortunate enough to get funded are usually giving away meaningful equity or personal guarantees—neither of which are requirements of our platform. We believe there are tens of thousands of great companies out there who simply couldn’t access capital before we came along, and we’re excited to help them reach new levels of success,” said Sergei Kovalenko, CEO and co-founder. “The company is actively onboarding new customers and expects to deploy as much as $50 million dollars in 2016,” continued Kovalenko.

Prior to launch Aprenita funded the growth of several hundred mobile apps, including for customers like Red Rock Apps, which offers health/wellness and fitness apps; and SafeTrek, a personal safety app. Both companies’ apps demonstrated high-quality performance across many important metrics such as user growth, engagement, customer retention and user experience. To date, Aprenita deals have typically ranged between $30k-$300k and have gone as high as $500k.

“After identifying scalable marketing channels and proving we could run a profitable operation, I didn’t want to raise additional equity. Thankfully, we found Aprenita! Within a few days, we had the non-dilutive capital to really double-down on growth, and we haven’t looked back since,” said Natalia Bahar, founder of Red Rock Apps.

Applying for financing with Aprenita takes less than ten minutes. Applicants create and verify an account; then complete a simple, three-step screening application. Upon approval, agreements are 100% digital and payments can be immediately processed via ACH. Aprenita offers its service across three tiers: Advance, Accelerate and Extend. The amounts offered and structure of the of the tiers depend on a variety of factors, but importantly do not require any equity or personal guarantees. Clients who enter the system on a lower tier may eventually to graduate to a higher tier as their business develops and the relationship with Aprenita becomes well-established.

“When we first spoke to Aprenita, the only thing holding us back was capital for acquiring more customers. Within days after submitting our application, we were up and running on their platform; in our first month, revenue grew 84%. Needless to say, we're very happy we found Aprenita,” said Zach Winkler, founder of SafeTrek.

About Aprenita

Aprenita is the only financing company in the world exclusively focused on providing debt capital for mobile app businesses. Aprenita is available to all US-based app development businesses that are monetizing mobile apps through app stores and ad networks, and delivers capital in as little as 48 hours. Aprenita’s platform was built with the feel of a software service, relying on its advanced data processing capabilities and integrations to deliver innovative, affordable and on-demand financing solutions.

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