Phoenix Marketing International's Global Wealth Monitor Reveals Millionaires By State Rankings

RHINEBECK, N.Y., Jan. 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Phoenix Marketing International ( announces the 2015 annual Global Wealth Monitor-U.S. affluent market size estimates. The report provides estimates of affluent ($100K+ in investable assets) and high net worth ($1MM+ in investable assets) households throughout the country. This year marks the first time that the United States has over 1 million Pentamillionaire households, or households with $5MM+ in investable assets. Year-over-year data shows the number of Pentamillionaire households grew by 18,000+, up from last year's recorded 962,000.

The report also lists the 2015 Millionaires By State rankings. The top states have mostly retained their rankings from last year. The following are the top 10 states (percentages based on rate of millionaires per state population):

1.Maryland (7.7%) - unchanged from 2014
2.Connecticut (7.3%) - unchanged from 2014
3.Hawaii (7.25%) - up one place from 2014
4.New Jersey (7.24%) - down one place from 2014
5.Alaska (6.85%) - unchanged from 2014
6.Massachusetts (6.8%) - up one place from 2014
7.New Hampshire (6.8%) - up one place from 2014
8.Virginia (6.7%) - down 2 places from 2014
9.Delaware (6.4%) - unchanged from 2014
10.District of Columbia (6.3%) - unchanged from 2014

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"One main reason the states with the highest rates of millionaires have stayed the same are that those states generally have diverse economies," stated David Thompson, Managing Director, Affluent Practice at Phoenix Marketing International. "Proximity to wealth creation engines (large cities such as DC, NYC, and Boston), and lucrative industries such as energy production - as is the case with Alaska, or tourism like in Hawaii, are other reasons the top states have retained their millionaires."

Two of the states with the largest decrease in millionaires are Rhode Island and Missouri. Some of the biggest gainers of millionaires include Montana, Minnesota, Oregon and North Dakota. More information about specific geographic areas and demographics is available upon request. To view an abridged report on the 2015 GWM findings visit here:

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